27 September, 2005

Two anniversaries today...

...firstly (although not being able to remember the *exact* date) Flyingpops and I are celebrating the anniversary of the day "when it all started" between us, and secondly the occasion of picking up the keys to our house from the Estate agent (1 year ago today, we can be precise about that one!) and began the long, long process of painting all the dark blue wallpaper to a perfect white while listening to a succession of unabridged audiobooks (LOTR, HP5, etc.)...so a double celebration is in order!

Some problems with my salary mean we now aren't going to go away this weekend (for a mini-break - Paris or some such location - as planned...oh well...) so we are settling for a meal at a the "Square Pig & s'wine bar" in Holborn instead, which apparently does rather good burgers (we shall see!)...(menu here... ;)

I'm thinking maybe starting with the olives and chorizo, and then perhaps the blue cheese burger (reminds me of a certain meal in New York... ;)

Anyway, perhaps more on that later - got the London Ad:Tech conference 2005 to look forward to tomorrow (and maybe Thursday if it's *really* good), it looks like some of day one is going to be eaten up by the Google University session in the morning, which kicks off at 0910am, so got to be up super early and on a train to Victoria (pre-6am *groan*)...but it looks like it's going to be a good show... :)

Oh and finished my book about Aushwitz (which was nothing short of *excellent*) and started on "A year in the Merde" (which made me chortle and snort (much to the annoyance of my fellow commuters) all the way into London)...very good... ;)

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¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

There is a third reason to remember today, RIP nana... x