05 September, 2014

Guess it must be Autumn...

Autumn already?
...already!  Wow, where did summer go? <:s p="">

04 September, 2014

London Bridge Chaos!

London Bridge - platforms destroyed!
Argh...and I thought I had cleverly missed all the mess...!

With my usual platforms now completely destroyed (as I mentioned previously) - the journey into London Bridge has been much the same as normal (just slightly narrower platforms to disembark - walking up the train instead of the platform skips the queue - so no big deal)...getting home again last night was another matter entirely though (I'm hoping this was just a blip, but last night no-one knew where to go - it was bedlam) -
London Bridge Chaos
London Bridge Chaos
London Bridge Chaos
London Bridge Chaos
London Bridge Chaos
I'm fairly sure I visited all the remaining platforms at least twice before I found a train heading in the direction I wanted...so things aren't quite sorted yet...see how we go tonight...welcome back to work, Fink! >:P

Pictures from Cornwall...

Widemouth Bay already
Widemouth Bay
Widemouth Bay
Widemouth Bay
Launceston Steam Railway
Widemouth Bay
Widemouth Bay
Widemouth Bay
Widemouth Bay
Ready to surf!

03 September, 2014

Woah, London Bridge...

London Bridge - platforms destroyed!
...looking down from the News Building, all my normal platforms have completely GONE (zoom in)!  Wonder which one I need to use to get home tonight?  Oo-er...

London Bridge new platforms open!

London Bridge new platforms open
Soooo...back from happy holidays (and look - all the new platforms are finished and open at London Bridge!  So glad I missed all that nonsense...), only one day of disaster to report (holiday was largely great weather and great fun) - the day we were supposed to pack up and move from Bude to Warminster (and do Wookey Hole) we had got up early, packed up the car, unpacked the car again to find the kids shoes, packed up the car again, handed our keys back to reception, strapped everyone in, waved to Nanjan and Pops (who were there to see us off and help out with baby-sitting during the packing process - thanks for that!) turned the key in the ignition - aaaand - NOTHING!

The guys from the caravan park were extremely helpful, tried (in vain) to jump start us with the puny battery from their little white van and so we called the AA...(trying to make it sound like we were in a more terrible position than we actually were) and then began a wait of almost two hours without a single update (which I am generously attributing to the 95% lack of mobile signal in the entire South West)...when the nice AA guy finally arrived (from just up the road), he ran a battery test and held up the machine to show me the "BATTERY FAIL - REPLACE" message but was happy to let us sail away into the (now afternoon) sun so long as we didn't turn the car off until we got to Warminster (where he would arrange a new battery to be waiting for us at around 5pm)...

Off we went and (of course) the M5 was a car park, so we swung off onto to the A303 tightly crossing our fingers (which turned out to also be a car park as a direct result of the M5 being a car park)...so we covered the kids ears, cursed, and drove, very slowly, towards our destination, past signs to Wookey Hole (having no time to visit it now - telling disappointed little ones that we would have another go in October half term), time now getting tight, we pulled off the A303 onto some tiny little roads following the Garmins instructions and hit the centre of a tiny town where there was a closed road which the Garmin was absolutely adamant we take (even when we were 3 miles past it, it was *insisting* we go back before it would issue any further directions - argh)...!

It was just about now, pretty much lost, with no mobile internet to get directions from Google maps, time running out to meet our battery man that Poppy was sick...*very* sick...all over the back of the car, including getting some onto Thomas, who was not amused, and Annabelle decided that it was dinner time and started screaming like we were trying to murder her...and it was in this exact fashion that we finally clawed our way into the car park at Warminster Travelodge (after five hours on the road instead of the predicted two)...head and hands up against the windows looking and feeling a little like an Edvard Munch composition...

The battery was finally replaced about an hour later (the AA guy got stuck in traffic too), and actually, even though it seemed like it might be the cherry on the top of the cake, our dinner at Little Chef that evening was a pleasant surprise...I recommend the "foot-long" (it isn't quite) Chilli Dog... ;)

18 August, 2014

Off on holiday...

Widemouth Bay Holiday Village
...soon! Got three days left at work (well, two and a half now)...plans are for a nice comfortable static caravan on the cliffs overlooking Widemouth Bay in Cornwall (for 7 nights) and a couple of days in Somerset (to break up the journey) visiting Wookey Hole and Longleat neither of which Flyingpops or I have visited since we got married - 3 kids ago - (those links are to my pics from 2008)!

Really looking forward to it...just hope the weather holds up! ;)

05 August, 2014

Nappy Vending Machines...

...spotted in the wild (and in a gents loo too)!

So, two things must have happened (to add this to the usual clunky mix of boxes blocking the way to have a quick wee in the boys toilets) -

  • The rusty old condom vending machine *almost* works (nice try - as it's still in the way it's obviously making money) but didn't (in the end) - "bear fruit"
  • The breath-freshener/legal high/Horny Goat weed tablet vending machine works amazingly well (it's the same amount of pound coins as the condom one)...
However, from my point of view there is only one really important fact that is *certainly* true - and Babycare, this message is for you - £1.50 for two baby wipes doesn't really cut the mustard...are you trying to set Dads up?  The very next conversation is going to be - "Urm, well done for taking her to get changed, but you haven't done it very well have you??", "Fink - SHE SMELLS - did you clean her bottom properly?", "Oh just give her here"...

Argh! :P

31 July, 2014

How they clean the windows at the Shard...

Just in case you were wondering...Yeah, it's the scary way, with ropes and actual climbing...*shudder*...

Free drinks at the Hospital...?

Free Drinks at the Hospital?
...not what I expected to see at all! ;)  And yes, I tried it and got a free cup of tea (while I was waiting)... ;)

18 July, 2014

Free Ice Cream....

What happens when there is free ice cream...!
...outside the office?  Yeah, may have got there a *little* bit on the late side compared to all the other eager beavers!
Free Ice Cream
Still managed to get my hands on one though...*just*! ;)

Thanks to #UBERICECREAM (!)

Ugh...88% Humidity...

...so sticky and it's only 18 degrees (so far), 32 degrees expected by lunchtime!  It already feels like being in the hot domes at the Eden Project...
...and the storms last night were just astonishing, pretty sure they woke baby Annabelle up when they started (at about 2am), I did a zombie-like walk around the house closing all the wide-open windows and sealing all the blackout blinds as best I could to shut out the thunderous noise, gale-force winds and pretty much continuous flashes of light...

Thomas managed to sleep through the whole thing, of course...!

16 July, 2014


...wow a little bit of excitement for a Wednesday morning! Just sat down enjoying a nice cup of tea and suddenly we are in an alarm condition, so it's pack up the laptop, grab the soft-phone, run down twenty-six flights of stairs (obviously manage to take a bit of a wrong turn somewhere as I end up surrounded by builders at some iron gates that won't open with my door card, talk them into buzzing me through)...
...next thing to do is to find WiFi - any WiFi - and try to resume business as normal (and await more news via Text message)...so here I am in a handy McDonalds! ;)

Update - all clear, heading back to the office!

14 July, 2014

So glad I don't get the bus any more...

Huge Bus Queue London Bridge
...from London Bridge...it's heart breaking to have to join the back of a queue like that on a Monday morning!

04 July, 2014

Quite a large TV...

Quite a large TV
...appeared in the office the other day (it actually coincided with the the start of Wimbledon, funnily enough)... ;)

01 July, 2014

Little Friends...

Little friends
- two cheeky magpies that come and fuss about just outside the window on the 13th floor of the News Building (they have been here about a week now)... ;)

12 June, 2014

Earlswood sewage leak

Sewage leak...
Mmmm...what an interesting smell this morning along Asylum Road!  Luckily Southern Water were already on site to investigate as I walked by, pretty much the entire road was covered in murky, stinking puddles though (which I carefully worked my way around - while holding my nose)...yuk! ;p

11 June, 2014

Views from the Terrace...

News Building - 13th Floor - Terrace Area
...the very posh terrace, at the end of our floor in the News Building -
News Building - 13th Floor - Terrace Area
- are just absolutely staggering...
News Building - 13th Floor - Terrace Area
- looks like it's going to be a (pretty much) private space for the Execs once it is finished (still a bit of work going on), so it was a treat to be able to take a cheeky look around...the main terrace, one floor higher up(!) is still a work in progress too, but I'll post some pics when we are allowed up there... ;)

10 June, 2014

View from the News Building...

St Thomas' Hospital
The view out of my window (towards the South and St Thomas' hospital) -
- and slightly to the right over towards the London Eye -
London Bridge Street
- down towards London Bridge Street (where I used to queue for the Number 17 bus) -
London Bridge Station from the News Building
- and down towards London Bridge station...
Then river-side, the view this direction slightly marred by the number of vertical supports, not sure why we need them on that side of the building and not on the other, but there we go!  Once the observation deck opens we'll see what the real view is like... ;)

09 June, 2014

Welcome to the News Building...

The News Building
...(or "Return to Southwark!")...tried to get my head around a better journey into town today (now having absolutely no onward journey to worry about from London Bridge), discovered that my later train is an express train (and thus was full and standing - *groan*)...so that is still a work in progress...anyway, had a nice cup of tea in St Thomas Street waiting for my free breakfast time to arrive - as I was quite early -
Free Breakfast
- when I got there we were already being asked to gather our things ready for our induction(!), so I grabbed a slightly warm (but very tasty) bacon sandwich (and a glug of water), and then we were on our way to reception...
Lift Controls - News building
- and up in the lifts after we had been pass upgraded (there are 6 lifts serving the core of the building, all with no buttons inside, so you choose your destination before you get in and the lifts tell you which letter you want to join - same as the last office, actually) -
Not much in Use - News building
- as you can see, there isn't a huge amount of choice at the moment, most of the office is still a building site, after all...
Work space - floor 13
Anyway, up on the 13th floor (which is almost finished) - we have lots and lots of hot desks -
Colloborative Space floor 13 - News Building
- collaborative spaces -
- (of all sorts of shapes and sizes) -
News Building - Kitchen on 13th floor
- and beautiful new kitchens (intermittently topped up with fresh fruit and pastries) -
Look Familiar?
- and a (somehow rather familiar) lighting decoration above one of the newspaper carousels (thank goodness it isn't right in front of any of the desks, or they might be a bit unpopular with migraine sufferers)...!

All in all - Amazing so far!  Guess I'll post some of the views from the windows later on (when the sun comes out)...but the office itself is very swish and everything smells, well, new! ;)