08 September, 2005

A short drive later...

...(about twenty minutes or so) we arrive at the site and pitch the new tent (goes up like a dream and is about a third larger than our last tent (which was vast)) -

- and so, on to a series of day trips, Church cove on the Lizard was particularly peaceful, aparently 700 cars a day used to turn up during the summer until the National Trust took over and blocked the road, now it's totally devoid of visitors (good/bad/dunno) -

- it still has some wonderful sights to see, even if the church isn't quite under threat of being swept into the sea any longer -

- and the first of the scary signs that seem to dominate the Cornish coast -

- we decided to go on to the Lizard point, and see the most southerly point of the United Kingdom, and happily (after failing miserably to find a clearly signposted "Chocolate factory tour" we happened (happily) upon this (har har!) (I'm drinking some of it, (not quite traditionally) ice cold, right now and it's fantastic) -

- (getting near, I spotted some wag has modified this sign in a perfectly purile way ;) -

- the point itself was amazingly impressive -

- two guys were fishing off the very end -

- oh and another of those amusing signs ;) I have to confess to being a bit of an acrophobe (funny, you might say, being so tall) but huge drops onto hard rocks do kind of worry me, so this walk was on the "interesting" side for me, couldn't turn down the photo op though... ;) -


Anonymous said...

I blame the social workers for letting a cliff out without it's tablets. This is Tommo but everytime I try and post it says my password is wrong

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

oo-er, better get it reset...! :(