16 September, 2005

Nintendo are on the...

...razor edge again, after the truly innovative DS (with PDA-like stylus opening up all sorts of amazing new possibilities for game writers), it has just been announced that their "Revolution" console will come with a wireless "one-handed controller" (BBC article - see here for Nintendo's own spin on it). It physically resembles a TV remote control (which is fairly odd to start with), however, the really revolutionary bit is that - "Motion sensors on the controller translate its movements into game action, allowing it to be used as a virtual sword, baseball bat or racket"...that just sounds absolutely *fantastic*! Can you imagine Tiger Woods with that, or the manipulator from Half Life 2?? Please tell me I don't have three new consoles to buy next year (and I kinda fancied a PSP once they sort out the appalling build quality)! I'm gonna need to re-mortgage the house!

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