15 September, 2005

Oh, that copy of "The Bounty"...

...that I was so looking forward to (courtesy of the News of the World) was corrupted! Put it in the Xbox and it didn't want to know. It came up happily enough initially, detecting "Video" media, but all the media playing tools I have on there just locked when I tried to play it. I stuck it in the TV (which has a DVD player in the front, being posh and big and expensive and everything) and it became apparent why, it at least *did* make an attempt at playing the badly addled contents, multicoloured squares appearing everywhere (reminding me of the good old days of VCD conversions), managed to limp it past the 20 adverts on the front eventually and onto the menu (but it was an extremely painful process), and found that the actual film seemed to be intact (good news!) however, I really wanted to run it through the Xbox (favoring the superior sound through my Theatre system)...so, I ejected it from the telly, popped it in one of the living room PCs and started a rip process on the main movie VOBs using CloneDVD (stripping off the corrupted material at the same time) and re-mastered it using Nero...and... it's perfect (and no sitting around at the start for the "messages from our sponsors" either, result!) :)

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