31 May, 2013

Tooley Street from the foot bridge

Tooley Street foot bridge
...looking west...
Tooley Street foot bridge
...and looking east...!

30 May, 2013

St Katharine Docks - Boat level crossing

Boat level crossing #1
Boat level crossing #2
...when a boat needs to get in or out of St Katharine Docks there are a couple of these bridges that raise (completely blocking the Thames path on this side of the docks) - complete with railway level crossing style traffic lights and drop down gates...not quite sure how I got so lucky as to be trapped by this in my extremely short time here (already)! ;)

29 May, 2013

Coffin Car...

Coffin car?
...(complete with petrol tank full of blood!) spotted this morning while I was sat waiting for the (free) shuttle bus to whisk me from London Bridge station to the office across Tower Bridge...not quite sure what it was doing there (now the London Dungeon has moved)...maybe something to do with the Tower Bridge experience?

23 May, 2013

Pirate Ships?

Pirate Ships!
Spotted this near the office today, might be something a certain young person might like to explore?  The Pirate Ships, not the Tobacco dock (obviously)... ;)

22 May, 2013

View from the new office!

View from the office
...featuring Tower Bridge, the Thames, St Katherine's Dock, the Shard (etc.)...very nice indeed! ;)