25 December, 2007

Merry Christmas!

To Everyone! Now go and put the turkey on! ;)

23 December, 2007

Duncan Scott (of the Beano!) Caricature Birthday Card

Duncan Scott (of the Beano) Caricature
Wow, check out the birthday card my folks got for me! A frighteningly accurate caricature, hand drawn by Duncan Scott (cartoonist for the Beano)...!

Thanks everyone for the lovely gifts! The rest of the day will be filled with going for lunch somewhere nice, watching the Golden Compass and playing Mass Effect on my 360!


21 December, 2007


Free Chewing Gum
...after a lovely lunch (coincidentally having being given 120 bits of free extra chewing gum on our way) we have all been released!

So I'm all done (work-wise) for the year!!

See you later London! ;)

Aftermath of the Office Christmas Party

Earlswood Station - Foggy Sunrise
Well, never seen a commute like it, there were *empty* *seats* on the Jubilee line... <:0

Got into the office at 08:45 to find it absolutely full of slightly malodorous colleagues who never actually managed to make it home from the office Christmas party(!) some of whom have managed something like one hours sleep under their desks (from the sounds of things)...I missed it as I was at Flyingpops' work having drinks by prior arrangement (but nothing like as colossal a "good time" as this lot seem to have had from the sounds/look/smell of things)...

If I had been left in any kind of doubt as to the nature of the event, it was immediately dismissed when I discovered this discarded wrapper for a "Novelty G String (with animal sound)" laying by my keyboard...
Novelty G string (with animal sound)
I'm almost relieved I missed it (although the photo oportunities would, no doubt, have been plentiful)! ;)

20 December, 2007

Hilarious Christmas Joke!

(Sorry, just *can't* let this one slide by...found here)...

Q. What is Santa's favourite pizza?

A. One that's deep pan, crisp and even

The clock is ticking... ;)

The O2
Nearly there, only one more day at work (after today) and the Christmas break can start! Woo Hoo! As if in sympathetic symbiosis, the sun is really having trouble cutting through the cloud/fog today...it's lending the whole place the aspect of a futuristic city on Mars... ;)
Free Actimel
Pleasingly another freebie today (seems like it's been ages!) some free actimel this morning at London Bridge (could have grabbed a few, but wasn't sure if I was going to like it), drank it when I got to my desk and it isn't actually too bad, it tastes a bit like a watered down fruit yoghurt...not sure I'll be leaping out to the shops to buy a load for the fridge though... ;)

19 December, 2007

Peter Jackson does "The Hobbit" - Christmas comes early!

Yes! Two new "Middle Earth" movies are confirmed, and under the firmly competent reigns of Mr Jackson...He is (from the sounds of things) splitting "The Hobbit" into two parts (which, while it may seem like a money-grabbing scheme on the part of the studio) under his careful "Exec. producer" role (someone else will likely direct) should turn out to be just perfect...the only shame is having to wait until 2010 to actually see the first part...! ;)

Christmas Spirit *gasp*

Rainy Redhill #2
I dunno what it is but everything seems to be on a go-slow at the moment, might be everyone getting mentally prepared for the festivities (for example, a few of the papers yesterday ran a story claiming that 1 in every 26 people in the UK pulled a sickie on Monday), but two of my buses and two trains in the last two days have run seriously late, and it's very cold waiting for them, and I can only find one of my gloves but for some reason I don't feel stressed about it at all...

In fact, despite these little blips, every day I wake up feeling like it's Friday and it doesn't seem to matter that it isn't (when I come to my senses)...and I'm carrying that feeling of quiet excitement that greets me first thing in the morning with me through the whole day...

Could it be that I have found some "Christmas spirit"?

In other news, my R4 arrived yesterday (woo hoo!!), just need to get my NDS back from my mum now... ;)

18 December, 2007

Slightly new layout...

...think I've had the old one for *quite* long enough... ;)

Hope you like it...!

Canary Wharf Ice Rink

Canary Wharf Ice Rink
There, just a quick shot of the ice rink in action, it's quite funny because often during the day a coachload of local school kids will turn up, all confident thanks to having grown up on Heelys, and proceed to waddle awkwardly and slowly around the rink (holding onto each other for support) frequently ending up on their arses...hehe... ;)

17 December, 2007

Christmas gift from work...

Christmas Present
Oh and then suddenly all is well with the world, when everyone in the department got handed a lovely box just like the above...! Second present of Christmas and very nice indeed... ;)

Feeling rather contented again now..."tube journey from hell" - DELETED ;)

Jubilee Line - Severe Delays (again)

So after a lovely weekend, doing the decorations, heading to Dorking car boot sale to buy the holly wreath for the front door -
Dorking Car Boot Sale
- nipping around Tesco buying tasty goodies (including masses of naughty cheese), we even managed a bit of "Santa Claus - The Movie" on Sunday night then today, still feeling reasonably contented as we got the the station, firstly the train is delayed, only by a few minutes, when it arrives it's only four coaches (but Flyingpops and I manage to find seats next to each other), so still okay, get down into the tube at London Bridge and the Jubilee line is completely closed! No way to even get into the station...After only a moment's hesitation I decided to try and find the secret entrance that I had once accidentally come out from (much to my confusion) in Borough High Street, as it couldn't possibly be any worse...found it after only about a five minute walk and it was both open and empty, result! So got down to the platform and it didn't look *too* bad down there (thanks to all the main entrances being closed), but still had to wait and watch four tube trains go past before I finally managed to ram myself into a space slightly too small for me between other frustrated commuters...get to Canada Water and (unusually) there are even loads of people waiting here, so many cram on (to many complaints from the already crushed inhabitants) that just after we leave the station the train grinds to a complete halt, the driver comes on the PA system emploring everyone to please move away from the doors (as the trains safety system shuts the engine off if it appears that anyone is trying to force the doors open, and that includes anyone leaning against them), in the end he threatens to walk down the train to "Carriage 2" (although he offers absolutely no help in identifying which coach "Carriage 2" is, front or back?) to forcibly remove whoever is pushing against the door sensors, and by some miracle the offending person/s finally manage to understand and shift themselves...usual tube journey time is about 9 minutes, today it took 40...

Roll on the Christmas break...

14 December, 2007

Best Secret Santa...ever!

Secret Santa - Victorinox Swiss Card Quattro
Wow! Got the be the best Secret Santa gift I ever got!

Views of Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf at Christmas #1
Canary Wharf at Christmas #5
Canary Wharf at Christmas #9
Canary Wharf at Christmas #10
Canary Wharf at Christmas #12
Canary Wharf at Christmas #14
Brought the good camera into town the other day, took these when we went out for our office Christmas lunch...rather a step up from last year...heh...even though we only went to one of the local pubs (a 'spoon, but not a run of the mill one, obviously, considering the location), situated in the amazing (listed) "Ledger Building"...
Canary Wharf at Christmas #7
...even the toilet was spectacular ;) -
Canary Wharf at Christmas #6

13 December, 2007

"It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage".

...well, crap...

Got the results of the MRI today, bit of bad news (but not too bad) looks like I have worn out some of the cartilage under the knee cap and on the right hand side below the calf on my right knee, this explains the bi-yearly problems with mobility...

Anyway, a consultant rheumatologist now must be consulted and then we shall see if nasty holes must be sliced into me to fix the issue...bah...

12 December, 2007

Tony Heriyanto and Gavin Brooks (of Balfe Street)

Kings Cross Flood map
Time for another "good deed", a comment appeared on this flickr picture yesterday from a chap caled "Tony Heriyanto" who is desperate to find an old friend of his called "Gavin Brooks" who used to live at 17 Balfe Street in Kings Cross (just down the road where where I used to work) but says that everything he tries to post to that address just gets returned to him...

He provided all his contact details (a little innocently, however that gave me some satisfaction that this isn't a scam or anything illegal), so yesterday I asked Renemy (who is still in the area) to print out the details and post them directly through the door (which she did), however, it's rather likely that Mr Brooks has moved house (hence the returned mail), therefore, Gavin Brooks of Balfe Street, if you read this (through vanity searching your own details on the magic interweb), click the picture and drop Mr Heriyanto a line!

Wouldn't be the first time the internet managed to facilitate something good and nice...Although I must also remember to suggest that Tony checks facebook... ;)

11 December, 2007

Beeping Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm
So, the weekend before last (while we were in Dorking) we popped into Wickes to buy a new smoke alarm, the reason for this being a slightly scary "incident" involving me and some rather burnt supper, and the fact that our existing smoke alarm didn't make single solitary noise during the entire affair...(far from ideal)...

We got it back, put in it's battery, tested it and then hung it on the wall and forgot about it until later on that day when I began to start hearing (almost unconsciously) a little "beep" (just very intermittently)...I put it down to the unit just acclimatising itself, but it was still doing it (with increasing regularity) on Wednesday, and by this stage I must admit it had started to get rather annoying..."busy life (tm)" meant that we constantly forgot to go and buy a new battery for it (as the one that came with it *could* have been duff)..so by Saturday it honestly was lucky it hadn't ended up being thrown into the pond out the back of the house (only the thought that a beeping smoke alarm is better than no smoke alarm saving it's little plastic skin)...

Sunday came and we finally remembered to buy a fresh 9v cell...Flyingpops stood up on a chair, retrieved the alarm and popped old battery out and stepped down to pick up the new one when the beeping sound promptly stopped us both in our tracks...It can't have done that with no power, could it? Anyway, putting it down (partially) to imagination, she put the new one in, hung it back on the wall and we got on with what we were doing (with a shrug)...but meer minutes later the sound happened again...! This, after a moment's pause, sent us running upstairs (feeling foolish) to stand by the other alarm (that must have been it all along!)...we waited...and were finally rewarded, but with a much quieter noise...so it wasn't the alarm upstairs either!! WTF?

The next half an hour was then spent moving slowly around the house, standing very still and listening intently...then moving in, like a submarine captain stalking his prey, I ended up (after a number of false positives) with my head stuck in the understairs cupboard, removing layers of old curtains and car boot sale items and *finally* found the culprit...a very old smoke alarm that had been left by the previous owner that had (*unbelievably*) decided to run low on juice the *very* *day* that we install a new one in the living room...

What on earth are the chances of something like that happening?

10 December, 2007

Tis the season...

Well, a super Christmas-themed weekend, got the decorations out of the loft (well, Flyingpops did that actually, I held the ladder), put the electric lights out all over the front of the house, in the pouring rain (even managed an extra set this year wrapped around the pillar on the porch), then zoomed to Priory Farm to their "Christmas Tree Land" -
- with everyone else in Surrey (it seems, had to drive twice around the car park before we got a spot!) -
- to choose our tree -
- didn't get quite such a huge one this year though (trying to economise where possible) still managed to spend £30 though...
Cleveryly (learned our lesson from last year) we picked one without a huge great trunk, so we only needed to saw a tiny sliver from the end to get it to fit in the base...not quite sure when we are actually going to get round to decorating *inside* the house, but the outside is certainly looking festive now... ;)

07 December, 2007

Woolworths win UK Simpsons Promotion

Originally uploaded by

Read in the Metro this morning that Woolworths have won a £5 million advertising deal to promote the launch of the new Simpsons DVD, not quite on the same scale as the incredbile job done in the US to promote the movie where a number of 7 Eleven stores were converted into Kwik-E-Mart stores (complete with themed goods to buy)...still should be pretty cool though, 200 stores are involved, so maybe one near me, surely either Crawley or Redhill will make the list... ;)

06 December, 2007

Random Pink Cadillac

Random pink cadillac
Bit odd, this was parked up in the pedestrian area between the tube station and Carluccio's this morning and was accompanied by absolutely no form of explanation or promotion whatsoever...Still, nice to see one in the "flesh" I suppose and someone must have paid some cash for the pleasure of arranging it to be there for me to photograph, so thanks whoever you are, I promise I *would* have picked up your leaflet if anyone had been giving them out... ;)

Lunch today, I didn't have a packed one (have been really good at doing that the last few days, so a bit of a slip-up), mostly because I had to get the bus to the railway station this morning and thus didn't have time to put it all together, but also partially through having lacked motivation last night after having to wait for the beef joint to cook (it had got a little late by that stage)...

Anyway, as a result I had a bit of a treat today, found an absolutely amazing restaurant (and it may be one that Tommo might *just* be interested in)...more later... ;)

Mmmmm...Chewing gum...

Trident Splash
I ate so much chewing gum during the day on Monday that when I got home and tried to eat my dinner (yummy roast left-overs) my mouth was too tired to work properly...this is wrong! As a result, I've had to hide the container in my desk drawer to stop my hands doing that Homer Simpson "Ooooo!" thing whenever I loose concentration...

This is particularly odd as I really don't have much of a sweet tooth...

05 December, 2007

Flickr, Picknik and you - Online Photo Editing

Edit Photo - Picknik
Wow, looks like Flickr have fully integrated the photo editing service Picknik into the main interface! This means online cropping, red-eye fixing etc. right from the new "edit photo" button...very handy for "field" posting where no local photo editing software is available...(hotels/cybercafes/libraries and such like)...

Super cool...! ;)

Environmental Issues - Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf Tube
Every morning the Jubilee Line and the DLR chew up and then disgorge well in excess of 100,000 commuters (in the space of about an hour) onto the 14.1 million square feet of office that loom over the 97-odd acres of flood plain collectively known as "Canary Wharf"...(called this because historically this area was predominantly used as a dock for imports from the Canary Islands)...I could stop there, having already gifted you at least four interesting facts about this part of London with which to impress your friends and family, however, this statistical information has been presented to you to highlight a real potential logistical problem...and one that the London Underground addresses by name...

Each morning, an announcement is on loop at Canary Wharf station "Please do not discard your Metro Newspapers anywhere on the station or escalators, please carry them with you and use the bins provided", you don't get that at any other underground station I have visited (and it's worse if any freebies or leaflets are being given away, they especially are fair game for escalator dumping), but if you consider *most* commuters *will* pick up a Metro (or buy another morning paper), this is a colossal amount of paper waste ending up potentially dumped at the doorstep of Canary Wharf estate management -every day- and you know what? Apart from in the back of the dedicated (electrically powered) recycling carts -
Mini Electric Recycling car
- or the recycling bins -
Recycling Bin - Full of Metro
- there isn't a stray copy of Metro anywhere in sight...so someone has actually got something rather perfectly right...It's easy to always complain about things that go wrong, but in this case some congratulations are in order, so jolly well done to Canary Wharf... ;)

04 December, 2007

Worst job ever?

Worst Job Ever?
A combination of extreme heights, freezing cold, high winds (*and* rain) plus cold water and dirty windows *have* to combine to make a rather good candidate for one of the worst jobs to have around here...

Certainly a lot worse than cleaning people's shoes... ;)

03 December, 2007

How to run PSP Daedalus r13 on Custom Firmware 3.71 M33

So I had a bit of a struggle trying to get Daedalus working on my 3.71 M33 PSP yesterday, no matter what I tried I just got an error message saying the program couldn't execute, I did a bit of playing around (and head scratching) and discovered that it wasn't just Daedalus not working) all homebrew functionality had been lost as a result of the upgrade...! Some digging around on the forums brought me eventually to the solution - it turns out that somewhere along the line (don't run a lot of homebrew, as you can probably tell) 1.50 capability seems to have slipped into a separate module (which certainly didn't used to be the case), however, it's really simple to get it all up and running again. Just do the following if you are in the same situation I was yesterday -

Go and grab WinRAR (if you don't already have it) then get this file (150kernel_addon2.rar) and this file and then just follow the instructions in the readme.txt file and all will be well with the world again...you'll have to power your PSP down completely after the installation before it starts to work again by the way...my train journey shot by playing Mario Kart 64 this morning...(and yes, I do own the original... ;)

Roll on R14... ;)