10 September, 2005

Just been tasting...

...and buying some of the wares of the Battle Cider company -

- two years ago I tried some of their medium cider and it tasted like ditch water with just a hint of rotten flesh, this year it's absolutely delicious, very light in colour too, unlike the Cornish stuff, which actually looks like bitter when poured...I also grabbed some of their mead, which is golden and honey-rich...looks like they've come a long way!

Chilli Pepper Pete was on the radio this morning feeding the presenters with that dipping sauce that caused me a bit of a problem earlier in the year, he mentioned that he's not at Laughton this time, saving me some potential future pain/pleasure thanks to the biggest catering show in the UK being on in Brighton today, I guess I should be pleased, heh... ;)

Oh, I must re-mention that this year they have turned over the end of one of the fields to the traction engines as their own arena/play pen, which is a great idea-they are, as I mentioned earlier, letting Joe public have a go at driving, and also running races...trust me, it'spretty impressive when they open up the engines fully and let fly, these gentle giants can ROAR! ;)

Weather is hazy and seriously hot again, i'm pitying Kipperfrog and Ninjabathy with their move if it's like this in Brighton...good luck!:)

Just to catch you up - Last night we did the dogems (I hurt my neck on the seatbelt, would have been better off without the blooming thing!) -

the new ghost train (which was a bit lame but made Flyingpops scream ;) -

- and the Merry-go-round...we drank, ate naughty food and danced
until it was time to drop, great fun and looking forward to the same tonight... ;)

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