31 July, 2014

How they clean the windows at the Shard...

Just in case you were wondering...Yeah, it's the scary way, with ropes and actual climbing...*shudder*...

Free drinks at the Hospital...?

Free Drinks at the Hospital?
...not what I expected to see at all! ;)  And yes, I tried it and got a free cup of tea (while I was waiting)... ;)

18 July, 2014

Free Ice Cream....

What happens when there is free ice cream...!
...outside the office?  Yeah, may have got there a *little* bit on the late side compared to all the other eager beavers!
Free Ice Cream
Still managed to get my hands on one though...*just*! ;)

Thanks to #UBERICECREAM (!)

Ugh...88% Humidity...

...so sticky and it's only 18 degrees (so far), 32 degrees expected by lunchtime!  It already feels like being in the hot domes at the Eden Project...
...and the storms last night were just astonishing, pretty sure they woke baby Annabelle up when they started (at about 2am), I did a zombie-like walk around the house closing all the wide-open windows and sealing all the blackout blinds as best I could to shut out the thunderous noise, gale-force winds and pretty much continuous flashes of light...

Thomas managed to sleep through the whole thing, of course...!

16 July, 2014


...wow a little bit of excitement for a Wednesday morning! Just sat down enjoying a nice cup of tea and suddenly we are in an alarm condition, so it's pack up the laptop, grab the soft-phone, run down twenty-six flights of stairs (obviously manage to take a bit of a wrong turn somewhere as I end up surrounded by builders at some iron gates that won't open with my door card, talk them into buzzing me through)...
...next thing to do is to find WiFi - any WiFi - and try to resume business as normal (and await more news via Text message)...so here I am in a handy McDonalds! ;)

Update - all clear, heading back to the office!

14 July, 2014

So glad I don't get the bus any more...

Huge Bus Queue London Bridge
...from London Bridge...it's heart breaking to have to join the back of a queue like that on a Monday morning!

04 July, 2014

Quite a large TV...

Quite a large TV
...appeared in the office the other day (it actually coincided with the the start of Wimbledon, funnily enough)... ;)

01 July, 2014

Little Friends...

Little friends
- two cheeky magpies that come and fuss about just outside the window on the 13th floor of the News Building (they have been here about a week now)... ;)