29 September, 2011

What's the word of the day Thomas?

"Condensation Mummy!"... yes, that's right - My clever 2 year old likes to say condensation! It all started when Daddy was drinking some cold sparkling water in a tall glass, Thomas started drawing with his fingers on the side of the glass and was told what it was and then the following morning, he just pointed and said 'Draw condensation Daddy'!

Yesterday's favourite word was (amazingly) - Nocturnal - "Mummy bats nocturnal" he continued to chatter as I put him to bed!

Also, apparently he pointed to "The Stig" in my mums bathroom and was insistent he was peering at an "Oh look - astronaut" and since getting a Buzz Lightyear toy (from a second hand sale), he keeps on saying 'Infinity and beyond"!!!

I really am very proud, I think he likes the sound of long words as they trip off his tongue and the ultimate smile he gets from a very impressed Mummy!

Now, where did my little baby go that could only say 'agoo' and 'dad dad dad' all the time?!?

21 September, 2011


Two year olds are great fun, they have you in stitches and make you laugh most of the time, but also push the boundaries whenever possible testing your patience to see what they can get away with... Yesterday Thomas threw a metal car at the glass window... Yes, I was impressed it was a decent overarm throw.. however inside the house? me thinks not! So, he sits in the corner for 2 mins as punishment (we had given lots of warnings). After the 2 mins is up, I ask him 'What do you say to mummy?' his reply 'Doh!' hmm.. how I managed to remain composed and didn't laugh in his face I don't know... I just wonder what he was thinking in his little head 'doh, I got caught?' ... after a little thought, he went on to say 'Sorry Mummy, love you good boy!' and gave me a cuddle and thankfully peace is restored again!

17 September, 2011

Whats in my tummy Thomas?

A Baby! Love you Baby... Mwah...

Talking to my baby brother or sister

What's in your Tummy Thomas? My Dinner!

What's in your Tummy Thomas? ... A baby!!!

He is going to be such a good big brother.. love him to bits!

15 September, 2011

What do you fancy for breakfast...

...young man? Was the question I posed to him the other day...the answer, with a shout and an enthusiastic jump into the air?

"ROAST BEEF DINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!"


14 September, 2011

Our beautiful baby scans...

Here we go then, just a few pics from the recent scans, first up our baby at 6 weeks and 4 days measuring 6.6mm in length and we see a tiny heart beating (and that's about it)-
6 weeks 4 days
At 9 weeks and 1 day, our baby has grown to 21.6mm...still very tiny, but having almost tripled it's length in just 3 weeks.
9 weeks 1 day
Then at 12 weeks...we finally see the familiar shape of a baby on the brand new flat screen TVs in the scan room ...With a wonderful sonographer taking lots of time to describe everything and confirm the baby is all OK. At this stage, the baby is 58mm (Crown to rump) and my dates are moved a little forward (meaning we are due a January baby)!
12 weeks 2 days
Then here we are today...officially half way through the pregnancy and Fink can again have a insight into the pregnancy and witness some of the kicking that is happening all the time. This little one is very, very active making it hard for the sonographer to get all the measurements. She has to wobble my tummy lots, poke, prod and get the little one to roll over to get everything she needed. Technology has improved so much so Thomas was scanned, we got to see the eye sockets, lenses, face, lips, chambers of the heart, arteries, liver, kidneys...just amazing!
20 weeks
20 weeks (2)
A hand and a leg (responsible for all the kicking)...
leg at 20 weeks
leg at 20 weeks
An arm....
arm at 20 weeks
...and the big question...did we find out the gender? No...we've been through so much and really don't mind as long as it's a healthy baby (and a nice surprise)...However, I couldn't help asking the sonographer if we did want to know would she be able to tell us...her response..."Oh yes, I know what you are having" but even then we didn't cave in and ask. Now, I'm analysing every part of our conversation and trying to see if she gave us any clues...but we'll have to wait till January to find out for sure!

At the end of the scan, we came out so very happy at how amazing this whole experience is... we are going to be a mummy and a daddy again and it's so incredible to be responsible for this little life. We celebrated by going to "Next" and buying our first piece of baby clothing...just so they have something new to wear when they are born! A very, very exciting, happy day!

07 September, 2011

The Wheels on the Bus - Our version!

So, Mummy was very bored of singing the same song over and over and over again... So, we made up our own version of the Wheels on the bus... feel free to add your own suggestions as my imagination is letting me down!

When Pops is on the bus he plays on his IPAD
When Nanjan is on the bus she reads her book
When Emily is on the bus she looks out the window
When Ollie is on the bus he jumps up and down
When Daddy's on the bus he plays on his PSP
When Grandads on the bus he reads his paper
When Thomas is on the bus he (and this often changes, depending on his mood, but he prefers to bump up and down)

(Mummy is often sick on a bus, so we don't sing that as it's not very nice!)

Then we get to the end and he says... more Pops on the bus please mummy.... and so it begins all over again....