11 September, 2005

These shows...

...really are much more for the benefit of those that show rather than
those that just pop in...last night after the band we watched a torch
and flare lit procession parade through the site followed by a
spectacular firework display, that actually felt a little too close to
the tents for comfort -
Click for a larger image...
- it's the evenings when all the visitors have
gone home when the site really seems to come to life... ;) Dry cured
bacon sandwich with ketchup and brown sauce on granary bread for
breakfast -
Click for a larger image...
- with Earl Grey tea and ice cold orange juice, nice having an
LPG fridge...skies are threatening but weather report says it should
stay dry...here's hoping! Looking forward to getting home now, think
I've been in a tent long enough...want to recharge my NDS and catch up
on 'Extras', finish watching 'Lost' etc...oh, grab a copy of 'The News
of the World' today, free copy of 'The Bounty' on DVD, great movie! ;)

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