29 August, 2012

Day 7 ... Caterpillars are 1 week old!

Caterpillars are now about 5cm long... Literally doubled in size overnight!

Very fat, very hairy and a bit creepy if you ask me!!

28 August, 2012

Wimpy Bar Leicester Square

Wimpy Bar - Leicester Square
Wow...little bit of urban archeology here (and from my lifetime too)...the building work in Irving Street (not actually Leicester Square itself but one of the pedestrian walks into it) has revealed an old 'Wimpy Bar' shop sign...that means, at *some* point, Wimpy was (a) cool enough and (b) successful enough to front a store at a major London tourist spot...thinking about it, I do actually seem to remember there being a *massive* (and really busy) Wimpy at Picadilly Circus (roughly where Barclay's Bank/Boots are now)...I used to go there with my folks and have (dreadfully thin) deep fried fish and chips (with malt vinegar in a sachet)...loved it for some reason! ;)

The nearest one to Leicester Square now is (urm...) in Shadwell (33 minutes on public transport, with 2 changes)...can't see myself making the trip though, not even for a bender in a bun... ;)

Day 6 ... 5 big fat hairy caterpillars

About 3cm in length now!!

24 August, 2012

Caterpillars day 2 ... 'they got lost mummy'

Had a scary moment this morning when I could not find the caterpillars.. Having asked Thomas about 6 times (each time with me getting crosser) he simply said 'they got lost mummy' ...
5 frantic minutes later wondering where on earth Thomas has put them I spot them on the window sill ... Fink had moved them!!

23 August, 2012

Day 1 with the caterpillars

They seem to be very hungry and have grown to 1cm already after only 1 night! Thomas wants to feed them chocolate cake and cherry pie like in the book!!!

5 tiny caterpillars...

arrived safely in the post yesterday.... All very excited here to watch them grow : )

20 August, 2012

Signs from the Olympics

London Bridge
Big advertising billboards visible from Platforms 5/6 at London Bridge (roadblocked for the occasion)...
Charing Cross
...one of the slightly scary rollercoaster--queue style approximate wait signs at Charing Cross (that never got used, as far as I am aware)...Woo Hoo!  In only 30 short minutes I'm going to be ON A TRAIN!
Olympic thanks
...and the current 'Thank you' sign to commuters for all coming in early or taking a couple of weeks holiday...Paralympics next! ;)

17 August, 2012

Hobbit Movie Poster...

Hobbit poster
...spotted in the wild! That's great news, looks like I've got something to look forward to watching in the cinema on my birthday this year then! ;)

16 August, 2012

Postman pat cakes & Cheesy feet

All made by Chef Thomas (lots eaten as well!) He can crack an egg into a bowl perfectly (but tries to eat it), loved licking out the bowl and I am surprised any icing made it onto the cake as he was licking it!!

Cheesy feet were the most successful, even Poppy ate one and Thomas declared them 'delicious' and 'scrummy' ... Just as i started tidying up he picked up the cookbook and said, let's make chocolate cake for Peppa and George!

Leicester Square Fountain

Leicester Square
...here we go (Thomas wanted to see what it looked like after we were talking about it this morning so I promised to take some pictures for him)...
Leicester Square fountain
...so the little fountains all around the base of the big one (that I was telling him about) have all been turned off today!  I guess because there is another premiere today (the remake of Total Recall by the looks of things)...

So here are some pictures I took from a few weeks ago (the last time they were actually working)-
Leicester Square
Leicester Square fountains

Our Butterfly Garden- day 1

Firstly thanks to Vodqueen and Uncle Scammel for a great birthday present for Thomas.

Day 1... Box opened, Information read, Thomas very excited and researching butterflies with Daddy online...
We have completed the application and are now waiting for postman pat to deliver our caterpillars.. They will be dispatched next Tuesday, so a long wait with an excited little boy waiting for them!

05 August, 2012

Thomas' Pirate Party...

Birthday at Godstone Farm
...(the start of his several-day-long *third* birthday celebrations) was yesterday at Godstone Farm, slightly exhausting, but very fun indeed...lots and lots of pictures from the day on the flickr stream over here or as a slideshow here (if you prefer)... ;)

03 August, 2012

Happy 6 month birthday Poppy!

Really, where has the time gone? I want to hit 'pause' and enjoy every moment as my little girl is growing up far too quickly and we are desperately trying to record to memory all of her milestones, whilst still running around after her whirlwind of a brother! :O) ... She is such a ray of sunshine, so happy, content, curious, has crazy hair, a beautiful snorty little giggle, 2 teeth already and is really scrummy!  She is following in her brothers footsteps and loves food... after our initial blip with the tongue tie she has successfully breastfed for 6 months now (well done to me!) and now loves  nothing more than to tuck into Shepherds pie,  roast chicken and squeal in delight when given a nectarine (then cry when the stone is taken away!)  If you put her down in one place, you'll often find her across the other side of the room as she rolls across and she's trying to master the art of sitting up, currently at that really cute stage sitting up for a while then suddenly taking a tumble or a 'Poppy head dive'! She sleeps well, down at 6.45 every night and up at 5.30 for a feed, then back down till 7... She's a big healthy girl and sitting on the 91st centile for weight and height and has incredible chubby cheeks!  She also loves to babble away, especially to her big brother or frog on the jumperoo!

We all love her to bits, she is so incredibly beautiful and we are simply blessed to have our perfect little Princess, Poppy.

Below a few pictures taken at Caravan Bella last weekend...

Her model pose!

Toothy grin..

Happy in Caravan Bella after lunch

Loving her roll around ball

Sucking her thumb..

and playing Peep boo with Big Brother..