30 May, 2014

Would you have thought - Wapping?

Would you have said "Wapping"?
At first glance I would have put this place somewhere in rural France...but no, it's located just a minute away from The Highway in Tower Hamlets...it's been used as a location a few times for various films too, the last lot seem to have forgotten to take down the blue cellophane from the light above the door (perhaps pretending it was a posh police station)... ;)

29 May, 2014

Our own private swimming pool...

Our Private Pool at Widmouth Bay 2014
...this was another clear advantage of getting down to the coast a little early during our holiday...we had around **8** hours in the pool (all told) without ever even seeing another person (divided into roughly hour and a half long chunks)!  :)

Ah Wapping...

Ah Wapping...
...I will definitely miss you, not least for your interesting picture opportunities...spotted this morning on the walk to the office... ;)

Going to have to take a few long walks around the place over the next week, just to absorb the last little bits of the place (as I most likely won't be back any time soon)...

28 May, 2014

Fortress Wapping Demolition...

Fortress Wapping Demolition
...quite a lot of it is already gone (as you can see), and the slow migration of staff from this office starts in a week and a half too, off to the Mini Shard in Southwark...a new era for Wapping...and a big bit of newspaper publishing history slowly crumbling into rubble...
News International HQ demolition
...and another shot from lower down...bye bye News International...

Update - found some pictures on Flickr from someone that did a tour before the demolition started...

Widemouth Bay in the sunshine!

Widemouth Bay 2014
Gosh, we were so lucky with the weather down in Cornwall, we arrived (after a rather early start) in the middle of a heatwave -
Bude Beach 2014
- so we spent the first couple of days just mucking about on the beaches (Widemouth and Bude), rock pooling (Thomas actually caught a little fish - in his shoe!  Other finds included millions of limpets, mussels - which Thomas wanted to eat there and then, sea snails and parts of crabs - no whole ones on the beach - must have been visited by seagulls before we got there) -
Widemouth Bay 2014
- Stonehenge recreating (after glimpsing it through the early morning fog on the way down) -
Widmouth Bay 2014
- and sandcastle building... ;)  Plus obviously a bit of splashing in the sea (and eating plenty of sand - accompanied by tiny bits of Cornish pasty from time to time)... ;)

27 May, 2014

Back from a lovely break in Cornwall...

Cornish Pasties
...straight back into a rainy London (oh well)!  I'll post some more pics later on... ;)

14 May, 2014

Rain, rain go away...

Train through the rain
...I'm right up to here (indicating over the top of my head) with wet shoes (and we have our Cornwall holiday coming up very, very soon)!  Thomas is so excited, he asks me every morning "Are we going on holiday today, Daddy?"...and I have to answer "I really wish we were, but it won't be long!"... ;)

13 May, 2014

12 May, 2014

Amazing sign spotted...

I Found A Hamster!
...on the edge of a London Park!  Can't help but think of a certain episode of Fawlty Towers... ;)