07 September, 2005

Another lazy, hazy...

...day in the sun, it's even too warm for the wagtails and seaguls to
fight over campsite scraps...played a few half hearted games of boule,
eaten some scrambled eggs and baked beans and done the majority of the
packing ready to head back to Surrey tomorrow - already been here
three days longer than planned, but decided we were going to go back
to Laughton for the last few days of the break in the end. Tin Mine
was deep, dark, cold, wet, cramped to the point of claustrophobia and
full of dangerous looking falls, but ultimately satisfying. Eden
Project was awesome, got lots of pics to post, so will talk more about
those things later...so last full day in Cornwall today...i'm never
coming down here at the height of the holiday season again, it's
almost like having the place to ourselves! ;)

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