08 September, 2005

Just pit stopped...

...on the M4...the colonel called us in for emergency Zinger Tower
Burger and hot wings...getting close to the M25, be home
soon...looking forward to crashing onto my sofa...last few nights have
been a little uncomfortable to say the least thanks to the stitching
on the airbed bursting in a circular fashion near one end resulting in
a huge blister...I'll post a pic later...but it's tough being cooped
up in the car for this long as a result! Skies above are now bright
and clear! :)

Update - bed "blister" -


nate said...

Man, I love it when the Colonel calls, mmm

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Does anyone remember when the Colonel brought hot wing rations with hot sticky sweet BBQ sauce? Made me look like a small child with an ice cream...(night after night) ;)