09 December, 2014

Delicious Christmas Lunch...!

...fruit punch, mince pie, full Christmas dinner, cheesecake and fruit...(oh and a cracker) - still wearing my hat, it's not coming off for the meetings this afternoon... ;)

Oh and that view in the background I have got so used to that I didn't even bother to frame?  All the way down the Thames to Canary Wharf... ;)

It's got me to thinking about December 25th and what time I need to be out of bed!

01 December, 2014

December 1st...!

December 1st
Wow...how did we get to December already?  Things are starting to get distinctly festive in London, the Shard has started to get glittery, the Salvation Army brass band was in London Bridge station playing a selection of Christmas hits this morning and a small(ish) tree -
December 1st
-  (with what appear to be temporary decorations) has appeared outside the News Building (you can see where someone tried to put the lights up and then threw them on the ground in frustration)... ;)

Still, I think we have about 90% of the Christmas shopping is done (a couple of gifts and the food to go), so this year, with a bit of luck we will be able to relax into it - if my last couple of bits of holiday are approved today then my Christmas break begins in two and a half weeks...! ;)

Bring it on...!