08 September, 2005

Okay, just a few pics then...

...tent is dry now, most of the clothes are dry and the majority of things are charged, the car is packed and dinner is well on the way, so - lets set the "wayback machine" to the start of the holiday and the amazing flight out from Gatwick, after my marathon "Lost" session over the weekend (only got the last 3 episodes to go now) the alarm rudely, but (unfortunately) timely interruption to my sleep, led to my zombie-like journey to the Gatwick North Terminal, I checked in (at the British Airways check in desk, as Air South West seem to be too small an operator to merit a desk of their own) and had a wander around the duty free shops, bought a copy of "Another Code" for the NDS at a knock down price (which is actually rather good, I've been stuck a few times, so it's not simple, one of the most impressive puzzles involved actually blowing onto the microphone to clear dust from a picture on screen...wow!), then nosed around WH Smiths and picked up a few books - "Belle de Jour" (from the blog of the same name, some things added, and from memory, lots missing!), "Long Way Round" (the book of the TV series , lots more detail added, and quite excellent, a tear left my eye as I read what they wrote of their arrival in NY City, very touching) and a couple of "Da Vinci Code" pretenders - "Codec" (not started) and "The Rule of Four" (very good so far!)...Took a couple of snaps of the waiting planes, and then was called to board -

- I honestly felt like Indiana Jones, climbing up the steps into the aircraft, finding my seat and tipping forward my black cap awaiting takeoff...I didn't wave away the champaign though and nor was I carrying a firearm... ;) Charmingly, the glass of bubbly arrived with a "Ginster's Deep Fill Breakfast sandwich", what a perfectly wonderful combination...!

- take-off and the flight in general just had me grinning like the Cheshire cat from start to finish, unlike taking a "proper" flight, the whole experience just feels like a pleasure trip, almost a theme park ride -

- see, it never really gets too high, it's not just endless clouds - the views of the south coast are just stunning (the whole way) I though this looked a bit like Brighton (with the two piers, if you zoom in) -

- after a brief stopover at Plymouth (where some got on, some got off), we had a ten minute dash on to Newquay -

- apart from whatever airport it was I flew in to on Cyprus, this *has* to be the smallest airport in the whole world -

- I actually laughed when I saw the lilliput-sized luggage collection point -

- and, after watching 2 guys in a transit van drive the bags ten meters from the plane to the other side of that wall and load our bags on, I met up with Flyingpops to start the holiday!

More later... ;)

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