30 November, 2011

Our morning went something like this...

6.30 am... Mummy gets up, rather sleepily and gives Thomas his new lamp in an attempt to get 5 more minutes in bed!
6.35... Thomas wanders into our bedroom to show it to Daddy for the first time.
6.40 ... Daddy to Thomas ... 'Whats that, your new Christmas lamp?'
6.41 ... 'No Daddy, it's my fiber optic lamp!'
6.41 ... Mummy can't stop laughing, out smarted by a 2 year old and it's not even 7am! Love it! ;o)

24 November, 2011

Canary Wharf Ice Rink

Canary Wharf Ice RInk
Here we go, they've got the ice rink back up and running ready for Christmas, doesn't look like anyone's actually using it yet, but it won't be long! ;)

18 November, 2011

Children in Need

I absolutely love Children in Need and am so grateful to have a happy, healthy little boy... Thomas coloured in a picture of 'Ponsey' as he calls him this morning and we've been playing the pairs game on the laptop this week too... Please everyone, show your support and donate a little to this fantastic cause... every penny really does count...

World Record Breaking 3D Art

Wow, had no idea all this was going on at West India Quay yesterday or I would have popped over to have a look, guess I know where I'm going at 1pm...!

Lots more information about all the things I missed over here...

17 November, 2011

Olympic Site seen from One Canada Square

Olympic Stadium from One Canada Square
...and on a related note to my last post (the weather being rather nice again today) a quick shot of the Olympic site, showing (to the right of the stadium, if you click it to zoom in) the "ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture" (at 114.5 metres being the tallest sculpture in the United Kingdom) now complete! Just got one more thing to go and catch up on now...see how the crossrail is coming along! ;)

16 November, 2011

Day 1 Maternity Leave

Ok .. so day 1 of maternity leave is here... a little earlier than anticipated but it just sort of happened that way. Thomas and I are going to spend some lovely time together before the baby arrives although it is very quiet in our house at the moment and he keeps asking when his friends are going to arrive and play.

Right, duty calls... we are going to build Canary Wharf out of bricks and a train set! ;o)

15 November, 2011

The Shard seen from One Canada Square

The Shard at Sunrise - as seem from One Canada Square
Wow, check it out, that is the early morning winter sun striking the Shard building by London Bridge station (as seen from the office) - it's the big bright thing near the middle, zoom in if you like by clicking it - sorry it's only a mobile phone shot, but you should get an idea of quite what a landmark this building is going to be when it's finished...and they still have about the top fifth of the building left to glaze! It looks like something the ancient Egyptians would have dreamed up! ;)