01 December, 2012

Cold Morning...

The Shard in Fog
...this morning, that is actually the Shard believe it or not... ;)

Got picked up by taxi this morning around 6am to be in the office at half seven for the arrival of some engineers and the taxi driver told me that conditions were so bad on the roads that taxis were crashing into stationary cars because they just couldn't see them!  Our drive into Redhill was conducted at about 15mph, working our way from one indistinct pool of orange light to the next...scary!

29 November, 2012

Earlswood Childminder

Fantastic childminder looking for little people to come and join in the fun!

Vacancies in the Redhill, Earlswood, Salfords area of Surrey..."Good" Ofsted rating, Fully insured and First Aid trained.

References available.. email Netnetchildminding@gmail.com for further information.

22 November, 2012

What is this? Harry Potter?

59 1/2 Southwark Street
Just down from the new office - no joke - is 59 and a half, Southwark Street...

20 November, 2012

Borough Market Christmas Decorations...

Borough Market Christmas
...have started to appear over the last couple of days(!), these were first...
Borough Market Christmas
...although not all of them were illuminated, today these new objects appeared...
Borough Market Christmas
Borough Market Christmas
...(really will have to bring the proper camera in, the one on the S2 is terrible in even slightly low light)...anyway, it's turned into quite a festive walk into the office in the morning! ;)

19 November, 2012

Jim'll Mix It...

You may have to zoom in to see it, did feel sorry for the driver, he was sort of looking at me helplessly as I took the picture... ;)

01 November, 2012

Rainbow over London

Southwark Rainbow

My new commute...

London bridge
Into London Bridge...(and straight out again through the nice new barriers)...
Borough market
...walk (smugly) past the huge queue for the bus stop I used to wait at for the number 17, cross the road and wander through Borough Market (trying to resist the Salt Beef breakfasts)...
Thames from Southwark Bridge
...along the Thames and then up the steps onto Southwark Bridge...!  Apart from the same old initial train journey the whole thing takes about 5 minutes (if I don't get distracted)... ;)

30 October, 2012

Disney's Star Wars!

Oh my goodness...can it be true?  George Lucas sells Star Wars to Disney - LOTS of new movies in the works - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20146942

29 October, 2012

Free Good Food App!

Quick!  If you have an Android device you can grab the whole BBC Good Food App and all the recipe packs completely for free if you go here right now...!  Lots of Christmas goodies on there too... ;)

27 October, 2012

Pumpkin time!

Thomas' Pumpkin
So this year, Thomas actually *grew* his own pumpkin (over at Nanny and Grandads), it's been sat on the kitchen table now for a couple of weeks waiting for the right moment to get the knives out (and today was the day)!  Despite spending a good while pretty adamant that we were to do a (Nintendo) "Mario pumperkin Daddy!" when it came time to ask Thomas today he decided (after browsing the internet for ideas) that a "Pumpking"-style scary smile was the perfect choice (phew!) -
- so we made a "lid" by cutting an angled hole in the top, reached inside and scooped out all the loose flesh and seeds -
- carefully setting all the seeds aside for later on, decided on the final design together -
- and got on with the cutting!
Meanwhile, we popped the cleaned pumpkin seeds into salty boiling water for ten minutes then roasted them in a 200 degree oven for 15-20 minutes-
- when cooked you can eat them whole (they are *so* crunchy and delicious), once we had managed to find some tea lights (and the sun had set by this time also) we were able to give our Pumpking a trial run (all ready for Wednesday)!!  Happy Halloween!

20 September, 2012

13 September, 2012

A lovely trip to Blackheath...

Blackheath Bridge
Well, that's the second time now, work a bit late, just a little bit...the sort of little bit that makes you think you might *just* make your normal train (if you really hurry)...trotted as quick as I could to Charing Cross (through the throng, cursing the long wait on the traffic lights), look up and spot a train leaving in one minute put on an extra burst of speed and just make it as the doors are closing...sit down, all smug (if a little puffed out) and then feel my smile drain away as we pull straight through London Bridge without stopping, passing my waiting connection sitting on platform 12...next stop? Blackheath...even further away than Lewisham (and in completely the wrong direction to get me home)...still, spotted this interesting sign on the railway bridge there when I was crossing over to wait for a train to take me all the way back to London Bridge to have another go at getting home! Less haste, more speed...!

12 September, 2012

Poppy "talking"...

You know it's funny, when I sat down to write this little bit of text I had a deja vu moment...a google or two later and I found this post that I wrote when Thomas was about nine months old...and actually (apart from the messy nappy bit) I could have written those exact words about Poppy, her nappies are much more civilised as a rule (or perhaps I am just more used to nappies per se)...Poppy isn't often very quiet, perhaps a *little* quieter than Thomas was, but most situations are punctuated by enthusiastic expressions of 'EHH!' and 'AH!!' as she joins in with the conversation, yells very loudly (meaning) 'More please Daddy' when eating...although (one thing Thomas didn't do) is to amuse by very occasionally by answering 'YEAH' (perfectly pronounced) in response to questions...anyway, right back on track - just yesterday (and continued this morning) she has (satisfyingly) started saying 'DADADA' (just as Thomas did) although, if my dates are to be believed, about a month earlier than he... ;) If she continues to follow suit developmentally then the next thing we can look forward to is 'DUCK' followed by (of all things for a second word) 'GAAARDEN'...to be perfectly honest though, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it was 'SHOES!' - her favourite thing to chew on at the moment (bar nothing)... ;)

08 September, 2012

We have two butterflies!

And one very excited Thomas asking all sorts of intelligent questions such as why do they have eyes on their wings and telling us they had to bite out of the cocoon ..he wants to hold them but we encouraged him to feed them instead!

Their names ... Peppa and George!

I wonder if the other three will hatch!

06 September, 2012

Caterpillars turn into chrysalis

So we moved the caterpillars into their new home on Saturday ... Very interesting to watch them and can't wait for butterflies now

03 September, 2012

The real Diagon Alley...

Cecil Court - Diagon Alley
...(as it turns out) isn't actually very far from my office! Just up Charing Cross road (walking up from Trafalgar Square), on the right hand side of the road, before you hit Leicester Square tube... Cecil Court - Diagon Alley
...is Cecil Court (origin of which dates back to the early 17th Century), which was revealed to be the real world "location" (and perhaps inspiration) for Diagon Alley (in the Harry Potter universe)-
Cecil Court - Diagon Alley
-and you can sort of see why, peering in through the windows-
Cecil Court - Diagon Alley
Cecil Court - Diagon Alley
Cecil Court - Diagon Alley
Cecil Court - Diagon Alley
-and looking at the names of the shops-
Cecil Court - Diagon Alley
- I can easily picture Harry and Hermione bustling up here, dodging folk shopping for dusty books or maps and ducking behind a rusty iron gate into one of the secret ways that leads into the wizarding world... ;)