15 December, 2006

Sunrise and stomach ache >;P

Earlswood sunrise today
Amazing sunrise this morning, still had Flyingpops camera in my bag from yesterday so grabbed a quick snap...got into London Bridge to wait for the 17 bus and when it turned up it was an antique single-decker! How everyone squeezed on is quite beyond my imagination, but as I was near the front of the queue I made a mad dash for the fire exit seat (it of the extra leg room)...so I was alright at least... ;)

On another note, and I'm not going to blame the Christmas lunch yesterday as I was feeling a bit on the tender side before I even tasted it, but had a bit of a stomach ache since yesterday morning, decided, as we are on the run up to Christmas, and rich food and drink is going to be the order of the season, that I am going on a pre-binge detox, so until my birthday, which is on the 23rd of December, I'm going to lay off the booze and eat pasta/vegetables and drink plenty of water...well, that's the idea anyway, I'll keep you posted... ;)

It's okay, body, you can thank me later... ;)


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful sunrise :-)

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Thank you snowbabies... ;)