16 December, 2006

Christmas Tree up at home!

Christmas Tree #1
There we go, nice and simple this year, Flyingpops decided on static white lights and an array of *mostly* silver decorations (with a few flecks of colour, here and there) -
Some of the decorations - Macro
Detox going well, day three now, and apart from Christmas lunch in the office it's been super healthy so far, drunk absolutely gallons of water, no alcohol, eaten mostly pasta/veg/salad/fruit as planned (had lean beef with mushrooms and boiled broccoli last night instead of the usual pizza!)...I'm actually feeling better for it already (tummy feeling much improved) so a good incentive to keep it up... ;)

Not that there haven't been temptations placed in my way, not least some suprise birthday drinks thrown by the team in the office yesterday at work (birthday on the 23rd and yesterday was my last day in the office until 2007 (Woot!))...and I had water...so ner... ;)

Oh, and the team got me a *very* cheeky birthday gift, but more on that later as it merits a post all of it's own... ;)


Mum said...

Your tree looks very sophisticated Dad would love it,he usually suggests pure white lights every year but is always outvoted!

bigblue said...

Happy birthday... and congratulations on getting the tree up. I'm still working on it.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Hehe...it does look good with white lights, but there is something to be said for an all out colour-fest also... ;)

Thanks BB, not quite got to my Birthday yet (it's on Saturday), but that was their last chance to wish me well, as I'm off on holiday now...hurrah! :)