08 December, 2006

Guanabara, Holborn - review

So, last night was the NPG Christmas party, held at Guanabara in Holborn -
NPG Christmas Party #1
- which is a Brazillian themed bar/restuarant/club (I took a quick video scanning around the venue which you can find here)...as I mentioned yesterday we got a load of tokens for drinks, so I decided to start the evening off by using my cocktail voucher to try the classic Brazillian tipple a Caipirinhas (which is Fresh limes and sugar mixed with crushed ice & Sagatiba cachaça), they have all the glasses for the various cocktails standing by -
NPG Christmas Party #6
- so the bar has an amazing aroma of lime and mint... ;)
NPG Christmas Party #4
- ...it actually turned out to be more ice than anything else, but was quite refreshing, not sure I would have been happy to have paid six quid for one though...(video of one being made here, if you are interested)...
NPG Christmas Party #12
While we waited for the appointed hour for dinner (6pm), good use was made of the table football facilities (a pound a shot) -
NPG Christmas Party #18
- and when the moment finally came the food turned out to be completely *not* Brazillian, and not brilliant either -
NPG Christmas Party #14
- merely serviceable, a bit over salty and rather overcooked Turkey, with (and I never thought I would hear myself say this) very undercooked veg (almost raw in fact), so this definitely isn't a venue to *plan* to come for a meal - absolutely perfect for the atmosphere, drinks -
NPG Christmas Party #35
- and the chilled out vibe of the band that came on during the second sitting for food was perfect, so, a great place to come and hang out *after* dinner... ;)
NPG Christmas Party #15
Also, never really got comfortable with the idea of visiting the gents and doing your business with an enormous Christ staring down at you...bit odd...

Anyway, a good night was had by all, getting home was pretty straightforward too, "B" and I got a direct train from Victoria and then cabbed it back together, which made it nice and easy, and no mishaps had either (thank goodness) apart from me falling asleep with my KFC on the sofa and being woken up by Flyingpops at three in the morning (who had thought I had got lost in London) whoops! Sorry!! Still, not as bad as last year... ;)

See the rest of the pics on the flickr stream here (and a little gickr for you too, see, said I would use it ;) -
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Anonymous said...

Cool. At least your getting some sort of Christmas fun. I like the photos. It at least looks colourful. Shame about the food though.

My employer not content with announcing staff reductions has cancelled the normal 3 hour flexi credit for Xmas meals/pub excursions. Bastardo

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Oh what an arse! :(

Anonymous said...

Looks like you we're stiffed on the Caipirhanas mate, did you ever find out who was selling the vouchers on eBay?