11 December, 2006

Silly Search Terms #7

...so just a few more of the more "interesting", non relevant search terms that have resulted in referrals to my blog from the likes of Google -

"how to block next doors cctv camera" (bit of paint on the lens is my favorite trick...heh...sticky shocker gun works well too, oh wait, that's not real life... ;)
"><((((º>" (ASCII fish?)
"cheeky angel images" (well, I guess I do take the odd cheeky picture ;)
"torquay fetish shop" (sorry, nope!)
"Pomegreat piles" (of them, or to help with the relief of, I wonder?)
"phone number of massage parlour in sevenoaks" (Try Yell?)
"Sausage and egg biscuit photo" (Eh? Sounds like a bit of a culinary disaster waiting to happen, if you ask me...)
"equipment machines to turn roast beef into chopped steaks" (a "knife" perhaps?)
"removing cherryade from carpet" (ooo...nasty!)
"overwieght woman funny calendar" (Urm...not here, sorry!)
"chav, girls naughty pictures" (not the kind you are after sunshine!)
"how to give static shocks" (how unknind! But for me it's coming into the office during the summer, works a treat!)

Previous entries can be located here...(if you like this kind of thing)... ;)


Matt Peskett said...

How's this for a silly search term - "Pizza delivery in 2027" god knows what they were looking for.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Oh that's a classic... ;)