04 December, 2006

Christmas decorations (exterior)

Christmas lights go up... ;)
...have been tested, uncoiled, attached to the wall or stuck into the ground -
Garden decorations #1
- and put on a timer (if appropriate)...interior decorations/tree etc. I would imagine we will do next weekend, but that's the tricky (up ladder) sort of stuff done for another year... ;)

Pics tonight if I get a chance to run outside with the camera inbetween the 100 miles-per-hour gusts of wind and sheets of rain... ;)

Update - some little sod has moved the Mr Snowman so he looks like he is giving poor little Santa some backdoor action (although (*admittedly*) he did *kind* of look like he was asking for it in Flyingpops' original arrangement above)...Jinx, was that you???

Can't be bothered to fix it now, will wait until morning... ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey, neat lights bro. That was some blow the other night. kept me awake half the night (no d/glazing). We had a large black sack of rubbish in a dustbin at the side of the house. Sunday morning the bin was at the bottom of the garden and we don't know where the sack went. There's a chair out on the green from someones garden too.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Yeah, half the felt on the shed was hanging in tatters on Sunday morning, had to go and buy a load of felt tacks at Homebase and hammer it all down again! ;)

And you should have seen the Tesco car park when we got there at half nine, the trolleys were all over the place!