02 December, 2006

Surrey in December in pictures...

Surrey Autumn #4
Now. *This* is how the trees should be looking at the moment, well, apart from the berry trees, some of which are still looking wonderful -
Surrey Autumn #1
- others of which seem to be loosing their berry harvest to rot, I'm guessing because of the warm weather...but what is *staggering* -
Surrey Autumn #2
- is the sheer number of green leaves still on our local oak trees -
Surrey Autumn #3
- this is *December*!

Green leaves - AWAY! Snow - you are summoned!

I need some nice winter pics! ;)


gincoleaves said...

Fink, not so hasty, if you please :-) all in good time! Although I was born in a hot climate, I love the Winter season, but it stays cold for sooo long.
The other day I saw a bare tree with only one leaf sitting tight, and I thought, nice pic ,and quess what? My camera was at home, LOL!!
Nice pics you're sharing here!

Anonymous said...

Hey, another amazing thing, the tree in our front garden has shed all it's leaves and has now started to blossom.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Hehe, okay Ginco, I'll try to be more patient... ;)

Tommo, your tree must think it's spring already! Crazy!

We are heading towards proper autumn now, no doubt, but there's nothing quite like a proper white Christmas...can't remember waking up to one for years and years... :(