29 December, 2006

Christmas 2006 update!

Christmas 2006 #1
Sorry, been getting really behind with all this, Oblivion (the game) seems to have become my new life! ;) Anyway, back to Christmas eve quickly, after zooming around in Colin (who was being very badly behaved and not starting when we wanted him to) dropping off the last few pressies (mostly in and around Dorking) we went to see the Christingle service at St Martins church -
Christmas 2006 #4
- then back to Flyingpops' folks house for double duck dinner -
Christmas 2006 #6
- (which was delicious) and then a few drinks (only one more sleep to go!)...the morning arrived with a bump almost before I knew it and we tore open our stockings and drank hot tea in bed, then downstairs before the hour of eight to open all the rest of the gifts (pics for those involved on flickr), then back into Colin for the drive to my folks for lunch where preperations were already well advanced -
Christmas 2006 #10
- for a feast of roast goose with all the trimmings -
- followed by Christmas pudding, then on to the *second* haul of presents of the day!
Christmas 2006 #11
- Full and happy we settled down to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening watching TV, DVDs, listening to gramaphone records -
Christmas 2006 #17
- and then at about half eleven we all piled out to Colin, put the stereo on far too loud with all the subs pumping and managed to break the back seat...hehe...great day! ;)

We slept over at my folks on Christmas day night, then the next morning helped little Alexander (who can now say "No" and "Ta") to open his presents, then drove to Flyingpops' grandpops' place for some cold cuts, drinks -
Christmas 2006 #21
- and to watch little Emily open *her* presents (and baby Oliver dribble disinterestedly at his), play "pass the parcel" and then finally back home for some well deserved rest (but not before drifting off at Flyingpops' folks when I collapsed into the chair), kids can be such hard work...! ;)

So yesterday we popped down to Worthing with Colin to drop off the last Christmas pressie -
Colin goes to Worthing #1
- (after spending most of the morning trying to get him started, and failing miserably, first time he *really* hadn't wanted to start), finally called the AA out and the guy adjusted the tick over (up a bit) discovered that the distributor cap had somehow been installed back to front(!), the battery was half the power required to start our size of engine and one of the HT leads wasn't connected to the spark plug...He said it was frankly amazing poor Colin ever managed to start at all! He showed us a trick with the leasure battery where we could jump start him without another car and set us on our way, and with all the cylinders now firing, and not all firing back to front you can imagine that the engine now sounds rather a *lot* better... ;)

We bought some industrial jump leads and a 96 Heavy duty battery to replace the 44 that was in there, but Colin is staying at home for New Years as we really don't have time to re-wire him now...

Today, we are setting off for Cornwall (5-ish day break, see how it goes), back to Hedley Wood for their New Year celebration, almost certainly no Internet access, so this may well be the last you hear from me until 2007! :(



Anonymous said...

You know, I've had Oblivion for ages, but I never really got into it. I've been playing Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, which is very similar, and now I'm having urges to install and play really quite badly.

I think your blog post has just pushed me over the line, so next time I'm home I'm going to have to.

Thanks, man ;)

Have a good new year.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

OBLIVION 0WNz! Lots of sneaky exploits if you don't patch it too early on also! ;)

And A ROCKIN' NEW YEAR to you Mr BDS! ;)

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