19 November, 2006

Sunrise on a frosty morning in Surrey (in pictures)

(I can, at least, shoot from the back window, it's only two steps)...Into the early morning mist -
Sunrise into the mist...
- then as the power of the sun strikes the frost on the fence and shed roof, an amazing display -
Sun striking the frost #3
- as it transforms the ice into vapour -
Sun striking the frost #1
- looks like the fence is on fire, smouldering away... ;)


bigblue said...

These are great shots - I love the rising steam. Good to see that you are able to get some photos in your condition.

gincoleaves said...

Wow, it sure looks like that fence is in trouble, is it that cold in good ol' England already?
We've been lucky with gorgeous temps all through the Autumn - what a nice treat!!
I hope you're on the mend Fink!! :-)

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Yep, almsost better now, managed to make it back into the smoke today, looks like the doc hit the repair time on the nose... ;)

Still got the walking stick and latext compression bandage, but it's getting a lot easier... :)

Daniel said...

Really cool photos. Good to hear your getting better.