05 November, 2006

Brockham Bonfire 2006 - pics and video!

Was forbidden from taking the Mavica (probably wisely, as it can be a bit chaotic at Brockham on these occasions), so took these with Flyingpops' Z1...We drove down to Dorking mainline station and hopped on the bus (£2.50 return), it's a special service put on just for the occasion (X32) on creakingly old London buses which are *always* packed (and late), but it gets there in the end... ;)

Arrived in good time and started the walk up the lane towards Brockham Green (it was a clear night, full moon, and just a little fog coming from the river, perfect for fireworks!)...
Brockham Bonfire 2006 #1
- made it in good time (after making our voluntary £2 donation to fund next year) and worked our way almost to the front of the crowd to watch the guy being hoisted into position (video here), then the torchlit procession arrived -
Brockham Bonfire 2006 #5
- and proceeded to throw their flaming brands into the bottom six feet of the terrifyingly huge pyre (if you want to get an idea of scale, check out my day-time pic from last year!) -
Brockham Bonfire 2006 #7
- it was dry, and cold, so the flames leapt quickly to the top -
Brockham Bonfire 2006 #9
- setting off the thousand odd fire-crackers concealed inside the guy (video here), then, the wind changed direction slightly and (as happens every year) -
Brockham Bonfire 2006 #11
- covering the crowd in burning embers causing a minor panic from the organisers (video here), after everyone was evacuated from the danger zone they began the ten minute countdown to the firework display -
Brockham Bonfire 2006 #13
- which was, (again) as always, *extraordinary* (got a terrible video of some of it, but thankfully a nice pic or two (imho ;)) -
Brockham Bonfire 2006 #15
Brockham Bonfire 2006 #17
Brockham Bonfire 2006 #18
Brockham Bonfire 2006 #19
- then wandered back to the bonfire, for one last look (was too hot to stay close for long though -
Brockham Bonfire 2006 #23
- and then back home (got on a bus right away!)...

Great night... ;) More pictures here, if you are interested... ;)

Shots from 2005 here...


bigblue said...

Nice photos and videos!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Thanks BB! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Fink, those pics are hot stuff mate, really good firework shots.

Anonymous said...

Your coverage of the Bonfire always fascinates me, we should get you writing an article for the 2007 brochure. Contact me through the Brockham Village web sites

Tony Hines, Brockham Bonfire

Anonymous said...

Fantastic pictures of the fireworks :-)

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Thanks everyone! And thanks Tony, might take you up on that! Perhaps we can photo-blog the preparations for next year? Get the hype engine going, I get *loads* of hits for "Brockham Bonfire" in the run up, even before I have written anything... ;)