02 November, 2006

Stop cold calling - TPS call screening

Telephone on my desk at work...
Well, it works. Flyingpops signed us up for the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) for all our phone numbers, and you know what? No nuisance calls since. Worked like a charm. I think she said she did have one cold call on her mobile shortly after doing so (it takes them a little while to update all the lists apparently), but the very mention of the TPS sent them packing like the devil himself was ministering to their bottoms with a glowing poker!

So, it's free, it works, and you can register online now.

Do it.

(This has been a public service announcement courtesy of finkangel) ;)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it does work, I signed up for this when we moved here and get no crap at all.

kipperfrog said...

Excellent tip! Just signed up..