25 November, 2006

VW Camper Christmas lights!

Not quite time to roll them out yet, it not even being December, but Flyingpops had a little parcel waiting by the front door when we got back from (almost) finishing our Christmas shopping today, here they are in the glove box -
VW Camper Christmas Lights ;)
- they plug into the cigarette lighter (luckily we have three in there!)...and found a couple of little friends for Colin -
Campers in the camper... ;)
- to live in his dashboard tidy... ;)

Update - Better shots of the Camper van lights in action here...

Shopping this morning was in East Croydon, took (rare) advantage of having a gold travel card to get up there for "free" (sorry for the mixture of nice shots and cameraphone shots but I didn't want to take my nice camera, predicting too much to carry without having that to worry about) -
Tram in Croydon
- too see where the only trams in London still run (feels a bit like being in Amsterdam, but less cool, obviously) -
Endless Shoes... 8(
- looked at literally *endless* shoes to try and find some suitable for Flyingpops' bridesmaids outfit (for early next year)...thousands of the bloody things, but absolutely none of them were "right" (*muffled cry of insanity*) and ironically when we got to Tesco later on she spotted the best of the day (still didn't buy them though, so the mission continues)...
Centrale in East Croydon
...anyway, we had a look at all the decorations, bought bagfuls of gifts (hurrah! 95% now complete before December even started, a record!), walked until my knee absolutely couldn't have taken *any* more shops...(and I do now solemnly swear, if I am ever independently wealthy, you will *never* catch me shopping like that...I'll have someone else do it for me... ;)

So, thanks to that one super busy day we now get Sunday off...(and take Colin for a spin somewhere I expect... ;)


gincoleaves said...

Four weeks left to Christmas, and you're almost done with the shopping - hats off!! As yet I don't have a single gift to sit under the Christmas tree.
You had me laughing about the shoes though, Fink, the more shoes WE see, the less we buy ('cause it's confusing and bewildering)
I only know one person who will find and buy shoes almost instantly - my girl-child! LOL!!!

bigblue said...

Also laughing at the shoes and at *muffled cry of insanity* ...

On another note, you aware that there is another bus strike on Monday?

Anonymous said...

So you have a 'flash' motor at last.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Oh Joy, I'll be taking the Thameslink tomorrow then, thanks BB... ;)

I think my problem is, if I walk into a shoe shop there is rarely any choice above one pair (if that) for me to select from (being rather large in the "plate" department), but perhaps you are right with your "baffling array theory" Ginco...that could *well* be it! ;)

Aw, they don't flash Tommo, think we'd get pulled over by an officer of the law if they did! ;)

-Mr X- said...

in case you hadn't heard - bus strike has been called off

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Are you doing a blog anywhere Mr X?
(Ta for the info!)