23 November, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving North America ;)

(obviously not my pic btw, not being in America atm)
Just don't forget what you are giving thanks for...(i.e. being taught how to live off the land by the innocent, generous natives, who then became rather inconvenient to the invaders expansion plans and ended up being hunted down, put into camps, having their lands seized etc)...still, the descendants of the ones that survived got their casinos in the end I suppose... ;)

Invasion is a fact of life though, just look at England - we are more Viking/French than we would like to admit after the number of times the Saxons were overrun (just reading up about how King Harlod came to the throne at the moment in my book -Tony Robinson's, "In Search of British Heroes", talk about a chaotic period in British history)...

And quite what Ronald McDonald is up to here I really can't imagine, but he's giving thanks in his own special way -

(this was yesterday in NYC, not my pic either)

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