04 November, 2006

Argos Extra Card - Extreme danger!

Frost on the sunroof
Up really early today, the plan being to get as much of our Christmas (gift) shopping done as possible, and it was reasonably successful, I guess we got about a third of the total done (the difficult, fighting around shops bits) went to Crawley and it was really very quiet, quite different to trying to do this kind of thing in December...for example, all the shelves were stocked, none of the gift packaging was damaged...really glad we have got that out of the way, the rest we can hopefully order over the internet (or not get on the high street)... ;)
Argos Extra Card
One of the things we had to buy (a watch) lead us to the jewellery counter in Argos and I was absolutely gobsmacked to see the leaflets I picture above advertising the "Argos Extra Card"...the top bullet point grabbed me for a second, until I understood it's implications (I had initially thought it meant - "Spend £100 and get a free tenner", the clever wording (when thought about for a second) actually offers something rather different...
  • For EVERY £100 card you want, you get an extra £10 ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Check out the table at the bottom (repeated below for your convenience) -

  • Amount of Loan - £100
  • Charge for Credit - £25.00
  • Total Amount Payable - £125.00
  • Weekly Payment - £5.00
  • No of Weeks - 25
- So that works out at a staggering 152.3% APR!

I decided to do a bit of research on these guys (not going to link to their site) and found this press release from the BBC regarding an episode of "Whistleblower" about a company called "Yes Car Credit" (not going to link to them either), who funnily enough are both part of the same firm! That show was revealing the almost criminal interests rate that these arseholes were tricking people into agreeing to at the time (March) of between 177% to 497% APR!

So, not *new* news finding this leaflet, but evidence that the TV show "slap on the wrist" managed to make them reduce their interest rates to the meerly unbelievable rather than criminally insane!

I took all the leaflets from the store, put them in my bag and chucked them into the recycling.

How can Argos go along with this??? They should be ashamed...

I call for a boycott...


Anonymous said...

Man that sucks!!! just preying on the poor people and those with bad english! Bollocks to Argos!

Anonymous said...

Anyone shopping in Argos for Christmas presents deserves to fall foul of this Loan-trick. Nice one Argos!

Anonymous said...

No Argos is great, buy the electronic decorations just before and take them back before the 28 day no quibble return! HA!

Anonymous said...

Argos for chav, deserve each other

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Argos is alright for some things, but there is often a stark difference between what you see in the glossy catalogue and what you actually pull out of the white cardboard box marked "made in China"... :(

Anonymous said...

try phoning customer services in the evening
complete crap