20 November, 2006

A T25 of our very own... ;)

Well, Colin the camper arrived on Sunday, we went out for a little drive, that ended up with him taking us to my Folks where we unexpectedly scored dinner...(sorry I seem to be going through a black and white phase at the moment)...
...got a bit of video here which lets you sample the wonderful engine note, unique to this kind of vehicle.... ;)
Bus badge macro B&W


Daniel said...

Lol! 'Bad Boy's Choice'. Its more like a GI Joe Dreadnok campervan! :P

Anonymous said...

Vorsprung Durch Technik - Now you gotta bring it down for me to see. Besides, I'm stuck in Da Vinci Code, can't wind the damned bridge round at the mansion LOL.

Fyingpops said...

I'm still learning to drive the bus at the moment, so once I can naviate the smaller lanes we'll pop over to say hello.