15 October, 2006

Nic and Stuarts Birthday/Housewarming

Just a very quick update on Friday night, we had the very great pleasure of attending Nic's Birthday/Housewarming party, the place was absolutely packed with all the usual suspects (pics on Flickr for the family), and the usual mainstay cuisine of such events (the omnipresent "chilli", which I must remember to provide next time we are the hosts, will have to restrain my hand as I spice it up though, we can do without any further near fatalties ;)

They have a lovely new flat, complete with "Spa bath" (Ooo! The luxury! Next time you go off on hols I don't suppose it would be too tough to come and check on the place from time to time ;) -
Nic's Birthday #4
- and festivities ran into late into the night, including an absolutely incredible co-incidence, one of those "Well, isn't it a small world" things...nice to meet you again Mr Mainstone...goodness, we aren't *miles* away from being related...and *that* is a trip... ;)
Nic's Birthday #23
Anyway, once again, happy birthday Nic... ;)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a good cake!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Didn't personally try it, not got a sweet tooth, but I'm sure it was lovely... ;)