29 October, 2006

Halloween Party

Halloween Party #3
Went to a Halloween party last night (costume, of course), drank a lot, played silly games, made a terrible mess with party poppers, jolly good fun... ;)

Actual halloween isn't until Tuesday, but have stocked up on required sweets for the little darlings on the estate (millions of kit-kat bars, as they were on offer in Tesco)...plus we scored one of the numerous pumpkins, provided as decoration at the party, to put in our window so the kids know it's okay to knock (the one pictured above actually!)... ;)


Tom Hopwood said...

Don't you think it looks like me?

Anonymous said...

"Don't you wish your pumpkin was hot like me"

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Don't like that song... ;)