30 October, 2006


Gif animations at Gickr.com
Wow, this is really cool, if you Flickr, you *must* check it out... ;) It's super-fast toy to make "on the fly" animated GIFs from your recent pictures (can't browse your whole archive, only the last 30 or so shots), pick the ones you want by checking them, hit the "Next" button and it spits out a bit of code that you can paste into any web page (or blog post) about 10 seconds later! I can think of loads of times this would have been *very* handy!

Click the animation to go and see their website...(interestingly you don't need to be a Flickr user, you can put in any tag or username and just get making animations)!

Only downside is that people can't easily get to larger versions of your pics...but there will be times I will use this...perhaps next to all those times I have said "check out the Flickr stream if you like this kind of thing"... ;)


Tom Hopwood said...

Thats giving me hallucinations. Oooer.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

I had better post some more things to get it down the list a bit then! :0