31 October, 2008

I SO don't want to be in the office...

Fallout 3
...right now...I *knew* I should have taken the day off!

Roll on home time!

Oh, the links are just below this post if you came here hoping to fend off Friday afternoon boredom...think of me, dreaming of exploring a post-apocalyptic Washington DC while I do the accounts, won't you... ;)


Kev Brown said...

I managed to get away from work early and I will be heading to the shop to buy this game, but first I need to wait in for a parcel! Even when I get it I will only have a little go because I have Far Cry 2 and Dead Space to complete first!

Anonymous said...

Im so there!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Got the box fixed then Kev? Awesome!

Want both of those games too, but they are on the xmas list... ;)