06 October, 2008

Testa Addormentata by Igor Mitoraj - Sculpute in Canary Wharf

Testa Addormentata by Igor Mitoraj
Time for another little bit of culture, spotted this in Bank Street the other day, and my goodness did it grab my attention, at first glimpse I was convinced I was witness to a decapitated Statue of Liberty...and I know the US aren't quite pulling their weight at the moment (in the global economic sense) but I really did think that this was perhaps a step too far... ;)

Of course, on closer inspection it wasn't anything of the sort...as the sign below quickly told me this was a bronze cast made in 1983 by one "Igor Mitoraj" - a Polish artist who (interestingly) was born in Germany in 1944. Apparently it was first installed in Canada Square (where I would have had much more of a chance of stumbling over it earlier) but now it's outside number 40 Bank Street (if you fancy coming and having a look yourself, it's only two minutes walk from the tube)...

The most striking thing about it, for me at least, is it's completely classical look...a big dose of the surreal is added by it appearing to be just a small part of a much larger classical piece, left, as it were, in it's imperfect form, for later generations to wonder over...It's really very clever to juxtapose those two ideas - that this is a perfect, whole piece of post-modern art mimicking the remains of a damaged masterpiece...

Clever... ;)

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