31 October, 2008

Mindshare Pumpkin Carving Competiton

Yesterday we had a pumpkin carving competition at work...and with a certain female member of my team wanting some morale support, I agreed to enter with her...
Now, for the last week, not only have we been planning media, but also how to carve our pumpkin.  We had a few concepts (not knowing the size or quality of pumpkin we were being given)... and I liked the witch idea, using props, until someone pointed out that the nylon hair was a fire risk!  So, we went for the Punkin.. get it?   

I was chief scooper and got very very messy carving out the middle (and even got a sore hand from the spoon, until we remembered the pumpkin carving kit I bought in Woolies last weekend) and have to hand over all creativity and  carving to Izzie, who created the masterpiece (but I did suggest the coffee stirer teeth and hair!).  
At 4pm, the judges announed the winners... Two categories

1) Best Collective (we are in 4 groups at Mindshare, a bit like school house and there were 10 pumpkins carved per house and put on display)

2) Best Single Pumpkin

The results..

1) Our collective 'Fresh' (a bit like your house at school) came first - YIPPIE!  

2) Izzie and I got  very excited when we were in the final 5 finalists singled out for the 'overall' best pumpkin, yet sadly this wasn't to be and another 'Fresh'member won the overall prize.

Still, not to mind, we got 1000 points for out team today, a special mention in the results email and had loads of fun, so not a bad day in the office after all!


Kev Brown said...

That pumpkin is fantastic! It has a right mean stare! You should be very proud!

Mum said...

What a nasty looking beast, which of you was allowed to take it home?