30 October, 2008

Seety.co.uk vs Street View - Virtual London Walk

Seety interface
Thought I would check these guys out as they made the Metro newspaper...they are offering a virtual walk (using a Google Maps API) around some areas of London (they claim to driven about 1000km of London streets taking just over 170000 pictures as they were going along), and the result (if a little slow and clunky) is still quite impressive...it's just a shame that Google themselves are already in the process of doing exactly the same but for most of *England* for their Street map project...and if you compare the two...well...no contest really...the google interface is lightning fast, the pictures load immeditaely, scroll quickly and effortlessly and when you move they even merge into one another to create a reasonable impression of progression... ;)

But then Google's offering isn't online yet...so this is all we have at the moment if you do fancy a virtual walk around town...

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