14 October, 2008

Xbox 360 Christmas line-up 2008

Just had a quick check of the Christmas release schedule and there are a truly horrifying number of games that I really want (even though I still haven't completed MOH:Airborne from last Christmas (but that's largely because the minute I start playing anything with a lot of banging noises I end up getting an earful from Flyingpops)...it's odd, because there has been such a *lack* of decent games for the 360 for soooooo long, suddenly to be facing (caveat - final reviews/demo play aside - as there could be some unexpected lemons) *seven* "must-have" titles this festive season it's just scaring the (financial) willies out of me...so let's run down the (amazingly impressive) list without further ado -

24th Oct
Fable II (*loved* Fable, despite it not living up to Peter's dream hype, both the times I played it, can't wait to do the same this time - eh chicken lovers?)
Far Cry 2 (sounds like the saving system might have spoiled this one a bit for the console versions, but still rabidly anticipating my trip back to the perfect tropical archipelago, even though it is unfortunately populated by the raving offspring of Dr Moreau...yep, this one is going to annoy Flyingpops no end... ;)
Dead Space (Well...maybe, I'll have to check the reviews, but it's been a long time since I've forced Flyingpops to actually get out of the bath to find out what I have been screaming in terror about - a certain room in Doom 3 - in fact)...

31st Oct
Fallout 3 (YAY!!!!!!! The latest and greatest from the perfect coding team at Bethesda Softworks, it almost makes me want to get Oblivion out again, but I fear that I wouldn't have a wife any longer if that did happen... ;)

14th Nov
Call of Duty - World at War (looking *really* good, if it's anything like as polished as COD 4 then we are in for a real treat, unfortunately it's another bang-bang game though)
Banjo Kazooie - Nuts and Bolts (RARE...well, what can I say - it's not just "hit and miss" with that lot, but "total classic and doggy-do-on-the-shoe" so only time will tell)...the last (proper) Banjo Kazooie I played was back on the Nintendo 64 and if it's *anything* like as good as that...put it this way - Christmas will certainly have come early, although not for Gruntilda)...

21st Nov
Tomb Raider Underworld (Formulaic? Yes...Cliched? Yes...Unmissable? Damn it...yes! Please leave out the silly motorbike sections this time though!)

So all in all we are staring into the primed double barrels of total total gaming joy! In fact, probably enough joy to take me through the whole of next year without needing any other games at all! The down side? If I bought all of this lot on release day it would end up costing me almost £280...! So it's either trade-in time (luckily I have a big of a pile of "completes" at home), fingers crossed for Christmas presents (although with the "global financial crisis" that's actually (this year) probably a non-starter as we all tighten our belts), select a couple of prime titles and be happy with those, or just wait until the prices come down...although with the quality of this seasons offerings that's not going to happen for a *long* time...

I'm pleased...I really am - it's been so long since there was actually a choice in the matter...but "want want WANT"!!!

Honestly, I've not felt like this since I was young enough to early adopt console hardware! Damn it... ;)


Darfuria said...

Ah, the beginning of Q4 is always good, yet sad as well. There are so many games that you didn't mention on that last that'll be pushed out before Christmas, and then Q1 will be nice and tumbleweed-infested, except for the games that'll come out polished because they didn't push for a Christmas release.

Anywho, the website I write for has relaunched, so you can expect to see the majority of those games reviewed.


¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Haha...so true, brave developer that skips the run-up to Christmas release window though!

I think Dead Space I can skip (after reading a couple of reviews), it only lasts about 12 hours...will save that for when the price drops...one down! ;)

Flyingpops said...

I guess that list makes it easy for me to buy your xmas/birthday pressies... but then, maybe we should introduce some more 'interactive / couple / old Skool games' so we actually get to communicate! ;o)

Ys said...

Ah yes, Ray has already tagged Fable as a must-have ;)

Anonymous said...

£280.00?! lol!

Just one big game for little me and the missus and the rest of the world fortunate to know quality from a lump of plastic ;-)



Anonymous said...

Yez? Just some lame copycat platformer albeit wit some flash gfx, screw that there are bigger fish to nuke, fallout all de way

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Oddly the PS3 version (that one would expect to be the best) of that particular game has been reviewed by PS3 Mag as showing up markedly worse (visually)...no big surprise though, the real effort in all the big (cross platform) titles is always going to be levelled pretty far away from the PS3 with it's difficult hardware and dev kit)...The PC is the starting point, and obviously PC=<360 from a dev point of view...static hardware but same tech and dev...PS3 stands little chance of competing in that particular happenstance...obscure Jap titles of course will be excellent... :)

Anonymous said...

PS3/360 both machines are starting to look a bit ropey now, but if I HAD to get one, it would be a PS3. 360 has always been a bit of door stop, a poor mans PS3. 360's now cost approx £129.00 - isn't that cheaper than a PSP - shows what market microsoft are aiming for. Just got Fall Out 3 for my alienware - instead of costing almost £40.00 (console version) cost just £25.00 - brand new and it looks incredible set to ultra high over 60 FPS, i did a comparison with a mate and his 360 and the 360 looked like PC on medium graphic settings (low, medium, high, ultra) Great game in any res though (so far)

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Agree, as long as the game works (and it works very nicely on the 360) I'm perfectly happy...life is too short for any sort of schoolyard snobbery...reminds me of Amiga vs ST gang fights at school...saaaaad! ;)