10 April, 2008

Canary Wharf - Funny london underground announcement

Canary Wharf tube
So just as I'm getting off the tube at Canary Wharf this morning, a cheeky chappie with a strong East-end accent comes on the tannoy system and announces to all and sundry - "Please note that London Underground do not operate the same access policy as Tesco, you've all got to have a ticket" to much amusement from my fellow commuters, and I imagine to the immense embarrasement of a would-be fare dodger... ;)


Ginco said...

I bet everyone had a good giggle!
BTW, I love the accent of the people living in the East - I also can't get enough of the EASTENDERS, LOL!

During my working days in South Africa, there was an English guy working in our office, and he insisted that I came from the South of London - he wasn't prepared to listen to my story that I've NEVER even been to England, Gosh, that seems a 100 years ago!! :-)

Mum said...

Ah, the simple humour of the lower classes!

Anonymous said...

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Conall said...

Got to enjoy a good laugh on the train. As long as it's on time.