07 April, 2008

The Hungerford Arms - Farley Hungerford - Review

Back to the mini-honeymoon now, for dinner after visiting Longleat, we decided to go and eat at the Hungerford Arms in Farley Hungerford -
The Hungerford Arms #1
- spurred on by four things. Firstly, the funny sign outside -
The Hungerford Arms #2
- then the close proximity to the both our castle/hotel and to Farley Castle (clear view from the window in the restaurant section) -
The Hungerford Arms #5
- (and handy historic map on the wall) -
The Hungerford Arms #4
- next came our quick glance at the menu from the day before noticing the chef's advice to the diner *not* to request the fillet steak anything above medium (a very good sign) -
The Hungerford Arms #9
- and last but not least the roaring log fire...all of with were rather compelling... ;) We started with the rather startlingly good (and never before encountered) beer battered camembert, followed by fish and chips for Flyingpops (which she confessed was a bit much battery-goodness after the starter) and I couldn't refuse the aforementioned steak (done medium-rare) which was very tasty indeed -
The Hungerford Arms #7
The Hungerford Arms #8
- after dinner we retired to one of the large, and extremely comfortable leather sofas, and enjoyed the warmth of the crackling fire while we finished our drinks and read a little of our holiday novels..absolutely idyllic...
The Hungerford Arms #10


ginco said...

Lovely pictures you've posted again Fink!
I have checked out your wedding pics, and it looks like everyone had a FAB time.
Your bride looks gorgeous and very happy!! !
Once again, may you both be very happy and live happily for a thousand years!!
Thanks to your sister for sharing the Flickr photos!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Thanks Ginco! It's always welcome when you come to pay a visit! :)

Flyingpops said...

Thanks Ginco ... it certainly was the best day of our lives so far :)