09 April, 2008

Sally Lunn's Bath Buns

Sally Lunns #1
Lunchtime in Bath, only one place to go and eat (and thank goodness we were there firmly out of season as apparently the queues can stretch all the way along the road and round the corner!), we were lucky enough only to have a wait of about 3 minutes (behind one other couple) while they cleaned bun-crumbs off the recently vacated tables, and then we were left to examine the menu...they do all sorts of imaginative things with the simple bun, from standard cream teas, right through to hollowing them out, toasting them (to turn them into a mini-edible plate known historically as a "trencher") and filling them up with boeuf bourguignon -
Sally Lunns #2
- I went for the Welsh Rarebit (trencher-style) with a very spicy sweet chutney (which was fantastic), and after dabbing our mouth-corners with napkins, we went down to explore the "kitchen museum" (me only banging my head 3 times in the process) -
Sally Lunns #3
Sally Lunns #4
Sally Lunns #5
- which is quite interesting, but really just a vehicle to sell you more buns...but hey, that's fine as they are jolly nice (we came away with 4)... ;)


Flyingpops said...

and don't forget the bag we got free of charge for buying the buns!

(we do like a freebie!)

Tom Hopwood said...

Heck, my mouth watered so much I had to change my t-shirt lol. Must go to Bath.

ginco said...

Fink, I must agree with Tom here, I'm drooling all over the 'puter, but then you're always posting pictures of such tasty goodies!
That's what I love about England, there is soo much to see and do, Oh why can't we have.......?