24 April, 2008

Man with Open Arms, Canary Wharf

Man with Open Arms
I love this sculpture, it sums up so much about how I felt when I first came to work here (and indeed how I feel now), I think the original artist (Giles Penny) intended it to appear to be a direct appeal to heaven, but to me it just shouts out feelings of optimism, gratitude, excitement and limitless possibility...a fantastic piece of work in a fantastic location...

I'll take a shot that does it some justice when the weather is better...(sky is far too white today)... ;)

I might just go round and try and find some other sculptures around the place, I have seen about 15 or so just meandering, but I know for a fact that there are more, 40 in fact, just on my little "Canary Wharf" map - a good little project for those sunny summer lunchtimes to come perhaps...? ;)

1 comment:

Kev Brown said...

Nevertheless, it's still a good photo and I agree with you on the sculptures supposed message! Limitless posability...love it!