25 April, 2008

The Big Bang

So, after starting to blog, I've suddenly realised that within a week, I simply don't have the time to keep it up! But then, this could have something to do with me getting organised for the weekend?

I've spent most of my nights after work, simply sitting in the camper, unpacking and then repacking boxes, hiding the glass bottles and then writing lists of last minute things we shouldn't forget... It's very much like being a child again and playing house, I love it!

After a slight issue with the leisure battery last night, Colin is now ready to go... the fridge is on with the beer chilling, bed is made ready for us to fall into and all that is left on the list is to finish work, give Colin a nice big drink of petrol and then take cruise along with motorway to Santa pod. (hopefully we'll avoid a lot of the rush hour traffic as we won't set off till 7.00!)

And to think, in two weeks time - Fink and I will be on an aeroplane right now, flying to Mexico... Bring it on!


¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Ah, Sarah will be pleased... ;)

Leisure battery issue (I'm now pretty sure) was me being freaked out at putting the clips on at exactly the moment the security light went out on the fence behind the house, but yes, beer should be solidly frozen in the fridge now, movies DVD should be popped out (burnt) and gathering dust in the living room, cameras are charged...just need to sort out my last few DS games, grab my PSP charger from the back of the PC...

Urm, you have got the weekend loaf of bread...can't think we have forgotten anything else?

Flyingpops said...

We forgot the suntan lotion (I had packed wellies, that were not needed as it usually rains) and Fink's bandage for his knee... still, not everyone is perfect!

and it was the most amazing weekend ever... no rain, lots of racing and Colin completed the round trip without any problems (other than a new squeak but we won't worry about that!)