10 April, 2008

Mr and Mrs FinkAngel - Wedding pictures

Sorry, we *know* everyone is desperate to see the shots, but there are rather a lot to go through, so here are just two professional shots from the wedding day to tantalise you - lots more to follow -
Fink Wedding
Fink Wedding


Flyingpops said...

Now, this was going to be my post today, but a small technical error (I didn't know how to put pictures on the blog!). My 'husband' has just trained me!

I can waste hours each night looking at the 800 photos we got from Eddie, picking out new details and reliving the day... and you wouldn't believe how long it took me to pick these two

hope you enjoy them :)

Anonymous said...

I would believe how long it took you to choose the photo's...you made a good choice...cannot wait to see the rest...xxx

Tom Hopwood said...

Just beautiful.

Ginco said...

I have seen many wedding pics in my time, but the top picture is just something else, WOW!!!!

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Woo, thank you guys! That shot was Flyingpops idea...! :)