03 April, 2008

Back from Honeymoon

Wow, actually found time for a bit of typing...! ;) Now, we'll cover the wedding, and the last twelve months of preparations in much more detail in posts to come, but suffice it to say (for now) that everything went absolutely perfectly on the day, it didn't pass too quickly, as I had feared it may have done (as some grooms have told me they had experienced their wedding days as a noisy blur), and I managed to get through everything - completing service, speech and first dance - without error, and with appropriate reactions (i.e. laughter at jokes, cheering at dance steps etc. rather than visa-versa), and all with emotion, but not floods of uncontrollable ones...

A minor miracle.

The honeymoon (this first mini-one before Mexico in May) was awesome, starting (on the wedding night) with a night in the incredible Nutfield Priory (thanks to Mum and Dad for that!), followed by a few days exploring Bath from the perfectly located Bath Lodge Hotel (a converted castle) where we had the top tower and most of the roof (complete with battlements) as our private balcony (as you may have already seen)...Day 1 (as we spent much of it finishing off from the wedding, eating lunch and travelling down there) we just stayed in the hotel, Day 2 we went down to see Wookey Hole (being led a bit of a merry dance by the sat-nav as you can see from the pictures), actually managed to take some half-way decent shots underground by bracing my camera against the slimy walls (while enduring drips from the stalactites), jeered at the dinosaurs-alongside-cavemen garden, watched how to make paper from bits of cotton, got hopelessly lost in the mirror maze (it was actually rather scary), bought some of the "cave aged" cheese (not tried it yet, but it smelt rather good), then drove into the nearby (and very small) city of Wells -
Wells #1
- for a spot of lunch -
Wells #2
Wells #3
- then just had a nice walk around town (stopping at a few charity shops to buy books) and just taking in the scenery-
Wells #6
Wells #8
- supper that night was in a 14th Century pub called "The George Inn" -
The George Inn #1
The George Inn #4
- just simple food (exactly what I needed as my body rediscovered that it actually was able to eat (the build up to the wedding having deleted my hunger almost entirely) -
The George Inn #6

Day 3 to come (Safari Park!)... ;)


Tom Hopwood said...

LOL, I thought your first dance was awesome! Glad to see your back on the pies mate. Bet you find it strange that you don't feel like a different person now your married. You have to wait at least 30 years for that Bro, hope Flyingpops is bearing up.

Steve said...

It was a great wedding day and i am so glad you invited me :-). I thought the whole day was very special and am glad it was perfect for you. I won't give you any marriage advise for obvious reasons lol. Looks like you have had fun on your first part of your honeymoon and looking forward to seeing more pics.

¨°º©[ Fink ]©º°¨ said...

Wicked! Thank you guys for being there, it meant the world! We will *definitely* go on more adventures together! Oh and Colin the Camper is ready to go too! ;)