11 January, 2008

Silly Search Terms #11

Well, I have been trying to collect some more silly search terms (Google Analytics has been making it *much* less hassle to look through the logs, I must say) but dissapointingly since last *July*, *all* I have had in the way of even faintly amusing referrals are contained in the pathetic list below...one thing this *does* mean though, is that search engines must be getting an awful lot better at matching queries to relevant content...ruining my little game...bah...

"ladies toilet torquay*video*" - are you serious?

"funny pea lorry crash" - Yep, I did see a couple of crashes, a lorry and a bus...but no peas involved I'm afraid...

"naughty pictures of office christmas parties" - Well, kind of!

"Turd" - charming! But sadly relevant...!

"vomiting redhill" - Urm, nope!

Previous entries here...enjoy, as this may well be the last one in the series!

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