10 January, 2008

Commuter Hell

Just had two absolutely terrible journeys - firstly last night, didn't get home until about half past *eight*, delays on the Jubilee line getting out of Canary Wharf to start with, never seen it so bad, they hadn't closed the huge metal security gates at the top, but the entire plaza downstairs was completely full, and not moving...so I walked back to the DLR and got (finally) onto a train (had to watch two go past, simply no room to get on) - there is a lesson learned here though, don't walk to Canary Wharf DLR stop, walk to one of the earlier ones across the water, they are roughly the same distance from the tube entrance and *should* avoid the crush...anyway, got to Bank, then walked to the Monument exit and across the river (blooming freezing!)...by the time I got to Redhill I had missed the last "commuter" bus, and was looking at a one hour wait, so I ended up getting a cab (after spotting that the "Favorite Chicken and Ribs" in Station Road had closed down, which I must admit I found quite funny, although it's probably more to do with KFC opening a branch in town than anything Hugh is up to)...
Favorite Chicken and Ribs Redhill
Then this morning the train was delayed out of Earlswood (but that was actually lucky as we were running a bit late), got to the Jubilee line and it was like I had never left last night, gates closed, huge queues...urgh...did my secret trick and then wished I hadn't when I got to the platform...45 minutes I spent underground for what should be an 8 minute journey...
Guardian Travelcard Holder
Still, I did get another freebie today, the Guardian newspaper had little elves handing out new travelcard holders, so I have defected from my trust old Vittel one (which while being extremely useful thanks to having a tube map on the back) is now a bit too battered to continue...(just like I feel, what a way to arrive at work)... ;)

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